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  1. Voted for you and also put a link on my facebook. Good luck.
  2. Dog now reunited with owner. Can mods please change the title, Thank you
  3. Thanks Jinxsta, owners are off down in a bit to fetch her.
  4. Escaped yesterday, she's a cross staffy mainly white with black spots, lost in the Longley area, shes microchipped and extremly friendly. Posting this for my neighbour, i will pass any information on.
  5. Not got any experience of this, but i would suggest you check the buyers feedback.
  6. No, sorry i had to come home to collect my son from school. Wont be able to get back up tonight unfortunatley.
  7. We were looking in the bushes. The lady that was there before us said she had been round the back of the houses that back on to the park.
  8. I've just come back from helping search for the kittens, unfortunatly didnt find anything. There was only myself my daughter and 2 other nice ladies looking.
  9. I know Southey Wolves are Looking for players for the under 8s and 9s. Have pmd you the number for the under 9s
  10. A week and one day for me, im using the nicorette inhalator and loads of chewing gum.
  11. I applied for the jobs at Argos too, i havent heard anything yet either.
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