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  1. I've got lists from them, but they don't have anything listed in Norton - I'm sure there must be some though!
  2. Great - thank you, I'll see if we can pop along this week.
  3. This is the kind of area I'm looking for - do you know if there are vacancies? Do you have a contact number? Thanks.
  4. Ideally I'm wanting something within walking distance of the water tower (20 mins walk is fine) so I don't have to drive. I've got a list of groups from the Council, but there doesn't seem to be any in Norton. Valley Park Children's Centre gave me a list and there's a playgroup listed for Chantry Centre on Matthews Lane, but I can't seem to find out anything more about it - does anyone know of it? Even the children's centre don't have a contact number for them!
  5. I'm looking for a mother and baby group to start going to in the Norton area. It needs to be suitable for a young baby (he will be nearly 3 months when groups start again in September). Has anyone got any recommendations?
  6. Now I see why it's not been running - lol! Hopefully it will all be clear by Monday, getting cabin fever now.
  7. Does anyone know if Rotherham station is still closed? Travel South Yorkshire are saying it is, but as always National Rail seems much more optimistic and is saying trains from Sheff-Roth are running on time.
  8. Thank you for this. I never thought about the points, but it does make sense. Still not sure it's a drain on resources, as loads of people use those two stops and it does give people from Gleadless onwards a fighting chance of getting on a tram. I'm just hoping that now it's looking like most of the snow is behind us (for a few days at least) they will re-open it, but it's not looking likely for today. Ironically our bus is running, but a hugely different route and the closest it comes to us is Gleadless townend!!
  9. Since when did everyone become so nasty on here? Try and read the full thread for why Gleadless Townend is difficult for me. I have made the extra effort - and it wasn't small. My usual 25 minute commute became 2 hours. The purple route not running will make it at least 2.5 hours - I can just about manage 4 hours travelling a day, but it's exhausting. An extra hour of walking per day would finish me off. And if I fell and had a miscarriage I'd never forgive myself - still at least you and others wouldn't think I was lazy then.
  10. Thank you, it's nice to see at least a couple of posters are more sympathetic. I'm sure I'm not the only person in this position.
  11. Thanks for calling me lazy without knowing my full situation. Considering it took me 2 hours each way to get to work and back on Tuesday I don't consider myself lazy. The tram not running makes my journey even longer and more exhausting. Plus it's in my interests to get to work - I'm not in the kind of job that just disappears because I'm not there - it just mounts up so that I'll end up working even longer hours than normal to make up for it - again, not exactly a sign of laziness.
  12. We don't all necessarily live right on Herdings Park Tram stop - I'm already a 15 min walk from Herdings Park, it takes me at least 30 mins to walk to Gleadless Townend, longer in deep snow. Plus I'm 11 weeks pregnant, getting exhausted easily and scared to death of falling. In addition to the fact that I then have a train journey and potentially another long walk after getting off the train. If it just went from Herdings to Cathedral and back it only takes 2 trams to maintain a 30 mins service. Plus it tops up the service between Gleadless and Town, when many people can't get on the blue tram because it fills up before it gets to Gleadless. It was still running on Tuesday and I wouldn't have got to or from work without it, because the buses had stopped up this way even then.
  13. It's only every 30 minutes so hardly a huge drain on resources, plus loads of people use those 2 stops.
  14. Does anyone know why the purple route has been suspended for 2 days now, when the blue and yellow route have continued? I'm really relying on the purple route to get to work tomorrow so I don't end up using all my holidays for snow. Buses not running up here and Gleadless Townend is too far (particularly considering I may have a decent walk the other end).
  15. Don't do it if you don't feel confident. I'm 11 weeks preggers and I'm really apprehensive about it as well. I could walk the 1.5 miles to tram stop, but I'm finding a lot of normal stuff exhausting at the moment, never mind walking in deep snow. Plus terrified of falling and losing baby. Had to walk part of my journey home on Tuesday, down a very steep, slippy hill in Chesterfield, with a narrow pavement and cars sliding all over the place within a foot or so - I'm not willing to do that again. I've told my boss that I've got more than my own safety to think about - she's been very understanding.
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