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  1. Reason for Rehome / Sale beard dragon Time Scale – How Urgent? yes Sale Amount£30 Locations6 Age & Sex male Breed/ Mix Approximate size now and full grown size Viv size needed includerd Micro chipped/ Breeders paperwork no Vaccinated & Wormed no not needed Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament/Any handling issues very good Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only Easy to feed yes Live/dead food live herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/insectivore Good or Bad with Children good with both Dislike of Men or Womenno Destructive Behaviour no General information that you can share like to sit watch tv with you:)
  2. yes it is the same phenomenon you are correct
  3. new website some good photographs of places around sheffield if any of you are intrested http://urbexnightcaller.comyr.com/
  4. seen a kid down the side of there today as well in a grey hoodie having a look about down the side the sofa was on
  5. your not doing a very good job of looking after the place why did you not stop the fly tippers dumping the sofa,s at the side
  6. so your saying it needs to stay to help you give directions pmsl buy a bloody satnav and no the upper leval is not safe ive been in there to take photo,s its burned and all the rain from the hole in the roof as done it no good at all so 1 its not safe 2 its a eye sore and 3 if you had kids i dont think you ed be saying its a safe place and how much is it costing to keep sealing the place up again after all the brake in,s bricking it up all the time
  7. think you better go inside and take a better look mate there is no way you are going to sort the ritz out for 40k you have a big hole in the roof so all the roof will need to be replaced the top leval is not safe to walk on this place is a death trap and i say take it down before some child go,s in there and gets killed after all kids will be kids and im sure there have been and will be a few go play inside it
  8. and who is going to found all this you ??? the place as been in this state for years now and i dont see any one puting up the cash to sort it out yes it ed be nice to see the place sorted out but as i say who is going to pay to do so as it don,t look like the owner plans on doing it so as it stands its a danger to the public as the place it not going to get any better on its own
  9. ive been inside as im a member of 28 days later and ive seen how bad it is and its a danger to any one who go,s inside it i admit its not falling down but its not safe in any way
  10. Cheapest place to unlock a iphone 4 is to jailbreak it yourself or its contact o2 and get the unlock code from them
  11. top right it says your pm,s and if your trying to pm a member click there name and send pm
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