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  1. I have an iPhone 4 on iOS 6.0.1 (think that's the latest one) and have bought a full HD Phillips TV, it has 3 HDMI and 2 USB sockets as well as the usual scart etc I don't currently yet have internet or Sky set up at my new house and wondered if I open the SKy Go app on my phone I could then watch it on my TV? Any help appreciated
  2. Also, not even trying to sign Batth was a mistake
  3. I do think DJ has been to quick to shun the players who got us up last season, surely 1st rule when getting promoted is to give the players a chance while blooding new ones in?
  4. It's a tough league this Championship, can you remember it CB?
  5. did ok never threatened them too much but didnt get battered, need to start passing the ball a lot quicker and team a bit too static for me, when's lines back? Beevers poor, Maguire awful first half, Corry looks decent and Bywater played well Southampton was a messy night out!
  6. My first away game of the season, anyone been before? Is best route M1, M25 then down or M1 then A34 at Northampton and straight down?
  7. That Wendy's looking alright considering she's 145
  8. Heard some real negative responses to this cup draw but I'm really looking forward to it!
  9. Yeah I got one of these emails aswell !!!!! Apparently all McCabe has to do is sent him his sort code and account number!
  10. I can guarantee that she's not a football fan at all, but all her family are blades so she prefers them but honestly doesn't care
  11. Think we need another Centre half and maybe another Centre mid
  12. That's the deal both clubs agreed, the £10m, i think has already been spent by SUFC
  13. Confirmed on a season-long loan subject to international clearance. A very interesting signing, don't know much about him if I'm honest but I'm very excited that we're signing players from the best club in the world! Rodri “I was at the game on Saturday and I thought the team did very well in the second half, the fans on a scale of 0-10 were definitely a 10. It was a massive crowd that came from Sheffield" He's learning
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