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  1. After bleeding my rads last night the heating didn't work this morning. Says the pressure has dropped but when I turn the taps nothing is happening - there's also slight leaking now at the side of the boiler. Can anyone advise/help with this? Would like to get it sorted as soon as pos as it's far too cold lately!!!
  2. Massive thumbs up for Bolehill nursery from me too! My little boy thrived there and he's just gone to school now, missing all his old pals and brilliant staff. No problems at all, I was amazed how much he learnt.
  3. So sorry I couldn't contain him, I put some cat food out last night hoping he'd come but think the local moggies just had it. I'll continue to keep a look out and I've got a box ready for him now!
  4. Has this lil' fella been found yet do you know?
  5. Woken up at midnight to a crashing and banging in my bathroom and discovered a ferret. Myself and my son were both petrified (I know nothing about ferrets). Tried to ring RSPCA but was no use. Herded it outside but now worried if it's a lost pet? Or are they wild too? Anyway hope you've not lost a ferret, it's stank my house out anyway
  6. Even when I have my heating on for a few hours it never gets up to the desired temperature, even on full it's only ever about 18 degrees. The rads are boiling to touch but does this mean they are rubbish rads?? Can anyone advise about this, they are old single panel ones. I don't really know what my boiler type is but it was new a couple of years ago so presuming a fairly reasonable one. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, my lovely little ginger/white cat, Ozzy, needs re-homing. He's a sweet, affectionate little thing and great with children. Problem is I work full time and I'm away a lot at weekends - I just want him to have the love and attention that he needs that I can't give him anymore. He's an outdoor cat, neutered and around 6 years old ( I don't remember exact dates ). He was originally a rescue cat who I adopted. For anyone who like a cuddly, affectionate and sweet cat then Ozzy's your man!!
  8. My little boy is due to start in september. Does anyone know if they go straight in full time from 1st or is it different for the new ones? Are there transition days etc?! Thanks!
  9. I don't understand, so I can just pay the 5.99? I have a tivo box, I just don't want to upgrade to the vip or premier package as it's too expensive - I just wanted to add netflix to my standard account.
  10. Yes but I think this would involve wires that I have no idea how to use lol
  11. So I've been told I can't get netflix on virgin media unless I upgrade to the million pound a month package. (I'm on the basic package). I thought you'd just pay the 5.99 a month and off you go. Is there no way around this?!
  12. Hi, I'm looking for an occasional childminder for my son to drop off at nursery. It's possibly only once a week, maybe even less from 06.30 to 08.00 when nursery opens. Also, it's not a fixed day. (I'm a nurse and very occasionally have to work early shifts starting at 7). It's Walkley to drop off at Bole Hill nursery at 08.00 I realise it's not a very money-making offer but I'm prepared to pay more for the flexibilty of someone helping me out for this/being able to be on stand by if I need it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!
  13. You can get up to 70 % tax credits for child-care, dependent on household income (so if partner is working too it would be less) That's very expensive for a nursery, where the heck is that?!! My son goes to an excellent nursery and it's just over 3 pounds an hour as I get a discount for him going full time. ---------- Post added 21-07-2013 at 07:50 ---------- PS that's not the minimum wage is now 6.31 :-)
  14. Thanks Jeffrey - are there templates or do I need to just make it up myself???
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