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  1. Firth park clinic north quadrant Dental clinic do a referral service for people with fear of dental treatment
  2. Chatham street is one way up the hill,Pitsmoor road is two way traffic The bridges on pitsmoor road and rock street have not been changed Going up Chatham street no left turn at the top at the lights Going down pitsmoor road no right turn at bottom at the lights
  3. I lived on the manor fairfax road 45 years ago my sister married stan elgie normans brother stan pass away a few years ago normans ok, jimmy white knock about with my brother fred price, up to a few years ago i worked with jimmy in the steel works for 15 years he now lives in hackenthorpe,other names on the manor at that time west, walkers, bonsals,vaughans, I went to pipworth road school used to play in the old air raid shelters
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