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  1. I started shoplifting out of desperation a few years ago, it is addictive and fills a void in my sad life. I give most of the stuff away to friends, charity shops or my favourite kick is to place extra goods in random peoples shopping bags at bus and tram stops. Thanks to me many Sheffield shoppers had 'Christmas bonuses' this year.
  2. I'm moving to Chesterfield! I'm another 'white flight' statistic! Paperwork signed and sorted, goodbye Sheffield. I feel like I will finally be free! Living on Orwellian Court (AKA Castle Court Hyde Park) Is a prison, there is camera's everywhere, there's one right outside my front door. The whole complex is sterile, stuffy and has creepy manned 24 hour Orwellain surveillance. No neighbourly contact we're just drones, My Holmewood home has friendly chatty neighbours and I'll have a garden and be able to breath!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkDq41CkUnw Ex-veteran anti-police state film maker David Crowley along with his wife and young daughter all found dead in 'murder suicide' at their home. He was due to release Gray State which was to expose where we're heading with our Police State New World order. David Cowley is the third anti-police state film maker / journalist to be found dead in the last few years. Andrew Breitbart's death was suspicious when key witnesses just disappeared before the trial. And Michale Hasings car crash death also raised lots of suspicion as many believed he was intentionally killed because of him wanting to expose truths about the Iraq war.
  4. Somebody from Homeswapper wants to swap their 2 bed house in Holmewood, Chesterfield for my Sheffield 2 bed flat. We've both seen each others properties and are happy to swap. I've been for a drive round the estate at various times of day and night which seems OK, as does Chesterfield itself. I still have my reservations about moving though as I don't know anyone in Chesterfield or anything about the town. I assume others will have moved from Sheffield to Chesterfield so wondered what your experiences, regrets and thoughts are about Chesterfield?
  5. he could well be right, Whatever REALLY happened the official story is complete BS. http://stormcloudsgathering.com/charlie-hebdo-shootings-censored-video
  6. Thanks you really have thought this through. Yes to all of the above. What's SVR?
  7. Cheapest option is Couch Surfing. https://www.couchsurfing.com/users/sign_in
  8. Who all supported fascism. "founders of the European Union in the 1950s had leading roles in the violent attempt to create a European Union in the 1930s and 1940s. Leading figures like Walter Hallstein, Walter Funk, Alfred Toepfer, Paul Henri Spaak and Hans Josef Globke were both active supporters of European Fascism in the 1940s and critical promoters of the European Union in the 1950s." http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/articles8/Atkinson-The-Totalitarians-who-Founded-the-European-Union-and-their-Impending-Triumph.php ---------- Post added 18-01-2015 at 00:29 ---------- Right wing? Fantasits? these are facts, not opinions. ---------- Post added 18-01-2015 at 00:35 ---------- Interpreted as: I can't refute the facts and I'm incapable of debating so therefore I'll resort to insults.
  9. That's the govt plan. To stop terrorists taking away our freedoms the govt is going to take away our freedoms. Before its removed a must watch for you all is >>>>
  10. Yes you should educate yourself http://www.eu-facts.org/en/background/dark_roots_europe_lecture.html ---------- Post added 17-01-2015 at 03:58 ---------- EU was founded before WW2. http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/articles8/Atkinson-The-Totalitarians-who-Founded-the-European-Union-and-their-Impending-Triumph.php Voting for eurocrats is not democratic. The EU is a dictatorship. Power is too centralised and unaccountable.
  11. The EU was founded by fascists, we have no voice, power, it is totally undemocratic. Now that is insulting to those who thought fascism.
  12. We're not far off, look at how quickly London has become a police state and the 1000's of people been arrested for silly 'crimes' such as calling a police horse gay. there is different degrees of fascism. The definition of fascism is - "a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control" Which is a accurate description of the EU. ---------- Post added 15-01-2015 at 02:17 ---------- Do you have to prefer one political party over the other? Why not just support them on the policies you believe in? How can any person in a political party be trusted? And why worry about secrets, to engage the electorate don't you think party policies donations etc should be transparent?
  13. Very few people I know strongly support every policy any political party holds. It therefore makes sense to support them on some policies but oppose others. For example - I strongly support UKIP's stance on leaving the fascist EU, but strongly oppose them wanting to privatise the NHS. I also strongly support the Greens housing / taxation policy - The Land Value Tax, explained here > And I also very strongly support the Greens policy of eradicating our Social Security benefits system and replacing it with a Citizens Income > but I strongly oppose The Greens policies on criminalising motorists.
  14. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11339362/David-Cameron-to-push-for-more-surveillance-powers-against-Islamist-death-cult.html Over 3 million people on the streets of Paris including Cameron and co telling terrorists and co we will not be defeated and you will not take away our freedoms. Cameron's solution is to curtail more of our freedoms and snoop on us more to stop terrorists doing it!
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