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    Thank you. I think that this year is slightly different due to COVID, hence the seat numbers. We’ll find out when we get there.
  2. Hi, has any one been to Wimbledon? I have tickets for court 12 , row P seats 84 and 85 , gangway A and have no idea of the seating plan. Has anyone any idea please .
  3. Thinking of you and your family
  4. So sorry for your loss. You must be so sas. Did Glyn go to Hucklow Rd or Hinde House schools? I was a school friend of his if he did, and I was told many years ago that he had gone to live in Japan. Take care.
  5. So very sad Alan to hear of your dear friend Michael's passing. We all knew him as a little boy, and you, me and our sister Hilary met up with you and Michael a couple years ago for a lovely lunch. It was lovely reminiscing about the old days, and I am very sorry we won’t be able to repeat it. RIP Michael, it was lovely knowing you.
  6. Thanks everyone. Joysticks were the lollies I loved
  7. Does anyone remember the name of the old Wall’s lollies that we’re triangle shaped and about eight inches long, and came in a cardboard push up cover. Not Jubbleys, they were much chunkier.
  8. The government has just announced a 6 month extension for MOTs due after 30th March. Mine is due 28th March, and as I’m over 70 and in self isolation, so not allowed out, does anyone know how I get my car tested. The tax runs out on the 31st March, so if I can’t get it sorted, the car will have to go off road. Help
  9. Hi, just ordered my first click and collect order from sainsburys Archer. Does anyone know where to pick it up from. I can’t get any help from the store
  10. Does anyone know if I can get to Vickers corridor by walking through the hospital from the Huntsman building? I have to get there via the number 1 bus that stops on Barnsley Rd, so it’s a bit of a walk up the hill.
  11. I’m certain it will. Give it a try.
  12. I park in the Hallamshire indoor car park very regularly, and always try to park in the disabled section. If I can’t get in there then I have to park on another floor, but I usually get a place in the former. I have never had to pay, you have to take a ticket as you enter, but then you just show your blue badge to the chap by pay machines and he lifts the barrier for you to leave the car park. Last week the car park showed as full, at 10am, and the chap at the entrance saw my blue badge, lifted a bollard and let me in. Amazing.
  13. Hi, does anyone know the rules for blue badge holders to park in the open air council car parks behind West St that go down to the old Grosvenor Hotel site. I know most of the rules, but this one foxes me.
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