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  1. Birley pub, Selling all its Kegs off,very good bargains if you got the pumps for them, 11 gallons to 22 gallons
  2. Rivelin hotel Going to do Meals on wheels. Blind monkey Do take away deliveries. Raven/palm street Do take home beer. New barrack tavern Take away Bottles cartons and growlers.
  3. I should check with Sheffield indexers to check the record for you,as I have come across this on indexers site were more people were buried in same grave,they checked their records and found they put wrong info down,so worth asking indexers to check.
  4. I had seen the guy painting the upvc windows on the Two sheds pub on Crookes,looks quite good, He was just using a brush
  5. Yes they can be painted,not sure if it's a special paint though
  6. Came across this Teleton reel to reel the other day in the loft,don't know if it still works did when it went up there also the tape reels, https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/objects/co117645/teleton-reel-to-reel-tape-recorder-model-5l45et
  7. Yes just move them Frustrated residents who use cones or bins to reserve a parking space outside their homes may not realise they are breaking rules of the road. Council officials take a dim view of people who cone-off space outside their homes to prevent commuters from clogging up the neighbourhood.
  8. Lovelace what kind of music you like and I will have a look through them
  9. I still got my music centre from years back Still working And I have cassette tape and VHS tapes https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?58759-CROWN-music-centre-SHC-5500
  10. Well I uninstalled malewarebytes and tried again ,all working as normal again what I have done is reinstalled again but this time stopped malewarebytes from starting up at start up,this seems to have worked,probably another way to do it but it worked for me.
  11. Think there is one at woodend grenoside of Whitley lane.
  12. Someone says if you got those flexie hoses connected to your sink taps they brake down inside after a while and cause these black bits,we have those flexie hoses so makes me think if they need renewing. We don't get black bits in the bath taps as they are copper pipes ,we do get some in the toilet bowl as this is flexie pipe also,in kitchen no black bits as these are copper pipes connections, Maybe the inside of the flexie pipe is breaking down maybe time to change them befor they Burst.
  13. Same here old tooth brush clears for a while then it's back again
  14. Same here black bits come out of bathroom sink taps now and again,thought it needed new ones but seems it is a common problem
  15. Just found out the problem seems that malwarebytes new version 4.0 is the culprit,just switched on other computer and it said new version so I upgraded malwarebytes and it's doing the same as in the question I asked,just unistalled it I will try again.
  16. Hello having trouble trying to open these Firefox won't load chrome opens but won't search, Unistalled Firefox tried to download again but won't ,tried updates they won't work Harddrive no errors ,chrome won't search just gets stuck. Thought it may be a Windows update problem Other apps update ok and everything else works ok.
  17. Well we had this at walkley school Police children and teachers was outside school for a week telling parents with cars to switch of engines and park sensible, All went ok a few disgruntled parents but went down well for a week, Soon after the week was up and the police etc was not there,all was back to normal parking we're they wanted double yellow lines and all, They did get a sign put up about switching off engines though,but it is cold for the parents sat in their cars in their PJ's this time of year.
  18. Just passed Langsett cycles and it looks like it as been raided at some point in the night,shutters bent police there some people may not get their cycles for Christmas if taken.
  19. Will probably give The blind Monkey a run for its money.with wisewood/loxley beer prices.as since the Monkey as been opened these last few years it prices have gone up a few times and 1 just recently ,to say the monkey also have there fingers in donvalley brewery the don't pass on the cheap beer to customers,
  20. Some on Blake street walkley and some on Whitehouse lane near school fence below blind monkey
  21. Was told today that the Palm pub on Palm street Walkley as been bought by Wisewood inn loxley, It needs alot of referburb as its a bit run down,as had nothing done to it for a while,hope it comes with the wisewood beer prices,like the Nags and King and miller,
  22. Yes worked there when left school in 73/74,remember George and son nice people,I remember the old chap that worked on that big grinding wheel he sat on in the corner think his name was Ian,and I think Alice gunney who was the inspection and packer, I worked on the buffing and doing the scissor shanks on those belt machines,it was a dirty job indeed,then I used to take the scissor shanks to Viners for playing,think I managed about a year there .
  23. Well when they gave that 200mbps i told them it wont work for me,but i got it anyway told them i want to drop down on speed,but they said i could not do it,so how do you get to drop back GHOZER,
  24. Just been notified by Virgin media that another price increase of £3.50 from september. I only have broadband with them, as no phone line connected They gave me the 200mbps but my equipment wont take 200 lucky to get 100 or less sometimess
  25. Yes She is in sheffield filming ,she is on upperthorpe now filming near the swimming baths and library,for a programme out in january She is there with a film crew now
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