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  1. Putting houses up in Southy green and parsons cross,the developers would not make as near much profit as they would in the loxley valley,
  2. I think if there was Aliens they should keep away from this planet earth and the humans on it,we would probably lock them up or experiment on them.or give them or is a Virus.
  3. Is there not all that land around southy green / parsons cross area were they have not built on yet get a fair few houses on there.
  4. Think his mot and tax run out at the same month,so was he thinking he could go without tax as well for that period.
  5. In this period of 6 months,I have not seen any garages really closed for having an MOT doing,
  6. Think it was only mot extension for the 6 months,but that does not stop you going to get an MOT now within those 6 month,as for the tax don't think this had an extension.
  7. Well we had a man playing a straw this week,a comedian who did not really say to much,a woman singing to a dummy which was an extendable prop that fell to bits.
  8. Yes was watching this poor boy and in pain, then realised it was a Repeat again.
  9. Just use it as you are doing now without subscriptions, you will be limited to what you can see, ,maybe need retuning, and maybe better with a Freesat box.
  10. Maybe try down Market place or sell item groups on Facebook,you may make a few quid.
  11. How come they also mention you will get faster broadband and more trees,thought there was lots of trees down there already. Must admit it is a bit of a dump down there as walked through other day,and are all those factories covered in Asbestos sheeting.
  12. All I can say is I don't watch it,watched it a few times in early years when abba ,bucks fizz,but I find it rubbish now so I would not miss it at all.
  13. Same with a flat you call breakdown they say you need a new battery,they can get you one then when you realise it's twice the cost as from anywere else.
  14. We heard him as well as he cycled past us Wondered what it was,at least we heard him not like some others who don't have bells on to warn you.
  15. Langsett road open there was 2 people working their when I went passed,well 1 was painting there sign on the taupalin.
  16. Yes the crab was good also.Not I thought here goes they would be scared to Buzz the 96 year old lady.
  17. Kelham island selling beer today 1 till 3
  18. Think Stancill brewery are selling delivery only
  19. https://www.byteitltd.co.uk/
  20. So who is the deceased executor if not yourself,don't think the bank will talk to you without proof,death cert etc.
  21. So have they emptied the account from a pay machine or inside the bank
  22. It's acting up again just now router keeps resetting itself again.
  23. Had a few problems in s6 Router kept resetting and asking for password.
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