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  1. I would like to note that this thread is about schools failing children with ASD, not assumptions about parents or doctors based on hearsay from individuals who have had no personal experience/knowledge/evidence of ASD Thank you for everyone’s PM of support. Take a look at how schools in England are failing 20.000 children with Autism: http://www.ambitiousaboutautism.org.uk/lib/liDownload/236/Schools%20in%20England%20are%20failing%2020,000%20children%20with%20autism.pdf?CFID=348493&CFTOKEN=65435197
  2. I find most boys this age like anything to do with Ben10 or cars... board games?. Good Luck!!
  3. definately ask for a referal to ryegate to see the professionals. Teacher and GP's are not qualified to give a diagnosis. ust to let you know the process for getting a diagnisis is quite long. They will want to observe your child over a period of time. Good luck!!
  4. Thank you all for your replies all have been very helpful  . It is good to know there are people out there who do understand! In reply to Halibut I am very up to date on ASD from attending workshops and doing my own research. I have approached the school with suggestions however these have been dismissed as they prefer their own techniques that are not working. My child does not have a statement at present but there has been a specialist team come in that has laid out an action plan for the school – at the time the school said they would try to keep to it to the team. When I approached the school recently they stated they do not have the time or resources to stick to the plan. I have spoken to the SENCO on several occasions but no progress is being made. I have approached the school again to express my grievance and my next step will be to make a formal complaint to the governing bodies. I do understand that staffs is under a lot of pressure for time and resources however I feel I do need to take this further as it is damaging to my child’s self esteem, and there are small steps the school could be taking to make things easier. One of the suggestions was to use visual aids to help my child understand better – this is not costly yet they have not done it. At the end of the day the school is funded heavily by tax payers’ money to provide a public service therefore they should be held accountable if they are doing their jobs inadequately and hopefully they will improve and provide a better service in the future.
  5. My child has a diagnosis of high functioning autism; my child has above average intelligence yet struggles with social situations. In everyday social situations a stranger may label my child as ‘naughty’. However I would not expect such a label from a teacher, in order for children with a disability to be integrated into mainstream school's surely the first step is having a teacher with some knowledge of the disability – otherwise how can the needs of the child be met. The school my child attends have stated that they do not know much about ASD, that ASD behaviour is learnt and that children will grow out of it. Staff at the school has said they don’t understand why my child is not behaving like a ‘normal’ child. This illustrates that the teacher does not have appropriate knowledge of my child's disability and that during the term has not taken the initiative to find out more. It must be acknowledged that ASD is a serious lifelong development disability which cannot be grown out of and that children do not learn to be autistic as the unnamed school have suggested. The purpose of this post is not to slate teacher as there are lots of good teachers in Sheffield the purpose of this post is to acknowledge that there are some teachers out there who should not be teachers. There is the assumption that teachers are always right and know what they are doing (Most probably do!!). But my child’s teacher does not and I’m sure there are more incompetent teachers about too, where children’s needs are not being met. Is my situation isolated or does anyone have a child with ASD, or any disability where you feel your child’s needs are not being met? Or does anyone have any positive stories? I would like to hear from anyone who can relate to my situation.
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