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  1. Not sure what it is, but I can hear it in Shiregreen! Sounds like thunder.
  2. interested in your ferns do you have any other plants for sale could you please send some photos thank you
  3. I have tried but because i have already opened an Ebay dispute, i cant open a paypal one. And yes i did pay with paypal.
  4. Basically i bought an item off Ebay, Item was faulty so seller agreed to let me return the item. I sent the item back to the seller by RM SD Next Day, i have the receipt of postage and also the tracking says it has been delivered. However the seller is claiming he has not received any parcels, and is saying until he has the item, he will not be issuing me with a refund. Will i get my money back?
  5. Yep, Arbiter 3.5 chips. ( Although there maybe a new one now? ) They have auto run, drop shot, jump shot etc. And loads of rapid fire modes. With no extra buttons. They do take some getting used to though, especially to change modes, there's literally hundreds of modes, within different modes. Can get confusing, if you don't read the instructions properly, like me. lol. Also your chances of being banned are really slim, they cant detect the chip, the only way to get banned is if people report you in game for using a rapid fire controller. Easy way to avoid that is to try not to get the game winning kill, and play Hardcore with no killcams. They really don't make that much difference to how you play in my opinion, i only use mine now for the auto sprint on Call Of Duty, i don't bother with any other modes.
  6. Fair enough, but if hes showing the man he is scared of him. He is going to carry on filling his bin. Stand up to him,Tell him straight to his face. Stop putting your rubbish in my bin, if you do it again its going all over your garden. Politely of course.
  7. Next time they put rubbish in your bin, take it out and throw it all over there drive/garden. You have tried asking nicely, and got abuse. If it was me that would be enough. Also if they are the violent type, make sure you stand your ground or they will walk all over you, they might get the message then.
  8. Yeah, got it yesterday afternoon. IE runs surprisingly fast. Its not much different to the old one to be honest.
  9. The quote from the actual post made me laugh. He is well chuffed with his £37 worth of cheese.
  10. Takes a while to download, you might not get it straight away. There rolling it out over a few weeks.
  11. Anybody got the next Xbox 360 update? Apparently adds internet explorer to the dash. Taking a long time to download though.
  12. My mother knows an old lady that has been paying her warranty with KnowHow for 6 years, 3.99 a month. Has never claimed once before her Tv broke. So her Tv goes in for repair, we expected them to leave her a loan Tv, However one wasn't dropped off when they picked up her old one. So she has phoned KnowHow, and apparently after paying over 280.00 for her extended warranty she is not entitled to a loan tv because she does not have the "Premium" warranty, she could have easily afforded another tv with that money. So know she will be without a Tv for the next week ( More like 3 weeks ) because although she has paid the value of her tv twice in warranty, she is not entitled to a loan tv while hers in in for repair, and cannot afford another one. I find it a joke to be honest, All that money she has paid out and not claimed in 6 year and they wont even lend her a tv for a week? I have had to lend her a Tv while hers in for repair. She will be cancelling her warranty when her TV returns.
  13. Get some wheel dollies, get some mates to give you a push. Move it round a corner and watch and laugh when the inconsiderate idiot comes back and his cars not there.
  14. Unfortunately that is the only way they will learn. They think there untouchable.
  15. More than likely, but you never know. May have been left some where for the heat to die down. Either that or like you say it will be in a garage somewhere in pieces. Either way the thieving basterds want there fingers chopping off. I hope you get it back mate.
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