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  1. was there one on Attercliffe road on the left opposite the end of Effingham road across from cocker brothers........?
  2. you can get frey bentos ,the pies in tins from pound shops but they are the puff pastry type.....you can also get the seut type,much smaller,they cook in microwave 90 seconds... ---------- Post added 08-01-2016 at 09:51 ---------- im sure I read somethink about bits used from the sunken graffe spey used at the frey bentos plant
  3. had a royal enfield crusader sport 250cc from wilf greens RCX 900,then started courting and traded it for a 650cc gold flash with a hillsbo sidecar........early 1960 when on abbeydale rd
  4. All forgiven ,I bear no malice I love banter, even like the chuckle bros.... Just one thing,I put the left of banners but didn't know if its Baltic road .............
  5. No problem ,RB been diagnosed 3 1/2 years now so I've decided to live forever lol bigal .......
  6. When you've got terminal stomach cancer,you try to find old friends Sorry for cocking up post..... bigal
  7. Still looking for John healthcote x lowedges x jordanthope x autoways x skeggy ??? Would. have left school 1963,,,,,,, ---------- Post added 11-11-2015 at 20:17 ---------- Still looking for Diane stead x cockerbros ,and Baltic road. At the left-hand side of banners ---------- Post added 11-11-2015 at 20:20 ---------- Looking for les frith x sypte maint fitter
  8. my distant family the hobsons lived on clun road in the 60/70
  9. hi trevor.nice tohear from you.ive had stomach cancer 31/2 year and ive decided I'm going to live forever, its slow growing so I might lol... 67 now any way how are you . good I hope not so big al now......... ---------- Post added 19-10-2015 at 21:06 ----------[/
  10. bemember me big alan ryalls worked on plant maint later after 86 leadmill rd [/b]
  11. dad bought a nsu quickiey 50/cc with pedals to help up the hills ,from ropers, i think they were the agent for them...........
  12. in 1963 owards,iworked at hattersly&davidsons whosub contracted to thorntons.it struck me as not clean.......
  13. i can remember, listen with mother,every weekday afternoon at 1:45 i think on radio 4 for 15 miutes. it was around 1953/54........any one remember?
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