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  1. sorry but i think you need the full reg not just a 58 plate all the best
  2. hi can any one help me I have a audi a3. I have a new sat nav disc I went to put it in and the Eject button is locked so the old disc will not come out anyone else had this problem cheers
  3. help needed can any one tell me how come the spacer bar in my double glazing units are bending up many thanks.
  4. Effingham diy on Effingham street Rotherham mate and hoylands diy on the same street
  5. you will have to take it to him mate
  6. hi mate they is a man in bramley in Rotherham who will fix for you he did me a full service on mine and it was £30 all in
  7. hi jazzman thankyou for getting back about the subject of the Rotherham jazz hounds, my uncle according to my mum played in the band as a drummer along with her doctor at the time doctor ballantyne. she says she used to go dancing when the band played at the cross keys and also baths hall in Rotherham. mum says that it would be in the 50s when uncle ron played in the band. he emigrated to Australia in the early 60s where he died young at the age of 56yrs. it would be great if you know any more about this as I am going to visit my cousin (rons daughter) in January and she is desperate to know more about her fathers days in the band. yours greatfully jean
  8. Thank you so much for getting back to me about this subject I do appreciate it .I will still try and get some info about my uncle as I know someone somewhere will be able to tell me about my uncle rons early days in the jazz band thank you again. Jean
  9. Thanks ever so much for getting back to me about Ron wooding I do hope it is the very same person . it would mean so much to my cousin and also myself if it was. I would be very greatful to you for anything you can find out for me, as I say he was in the Rotherham jazz hounds band back in the 50s/60s as my mum has confirmed to me. jean
  10. hi texas i am doing a bit of research on behalf of my cousin who lives in australia. she came across an article you and fleetwood were having back in 2010 about a ron wooding. My cousins dad was of this name and he was my uncle. you mention he was a fantastic dancer and dresser always in fashion and you were wondering what has happened to him. also later on you and jazzman were discussing a jazzband called the rotherham jazz hounds who played at the cross keys in rotherham,and they were led by a duncon banentyne who was a top doctor, well my uncle ron was in this band as he was a great fan of jazz, he played the drums. now my cousin is in a bit of shock to be reading this article of yours because uncle ron passed away some years ago in australia. they emigrated out there in the early to mid 60s . she would love for me to get more info of her dad as i am going out to see her in january 2014. do you think it could be the same person we are talking about, i do have photos of my uncle ron when he was in the band and when he was dressed up for his nights out. my mum also said that he was always a snappy dresser and loved his jazz music. could you please let me know if you think it is the same ron wooding we are both talking about. many thanks jean ---------- Post added 09-11-2013 at 09:49 ---------- hi jazzman, i am trying to find out more about my uncle who was in a jazzband called the Rotherham jazz hounds i think from the late 50s early 60s. his name was Ron wooding and i know that a Dr banatyne was also in the band. i have got this infomation from my mum, i also have had a message from my cousin in australia who has found a blogg on the sheffield forum about a Ron Wooding by a fleetwood and a texas discussing how he was a great dancer and a very sharp dresser. i have sent both these people a message and as you have mentioned the rotherham jazz hounds i felt i needed to contact you also. if you have any more info i would be very greatfull as my cousin is so excited to find out if this is indeed her late father. many thanks jean[color="Silver Report Post Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote Multi-Quote This Message Quick reply to this message
  11. hi i am contacting you about this subject of Ron wooding, this sounds like my late uncle ron wooding. My cousin who lives in perth australia contacted me today as she found your article by chance about a Ron wooding and she couldnt get over the similarity of your discription about this person to her dad. he was an entertainer on club circuits when she was a little girl in the late 50s early 60s. They emigrated to australia in the early 60s. i am waiting to get more info from my cousin to see if we are talking about the same person. please could you let me know if you think this could be him and i will contact my cousin to let her know . many thanks jean
  12. i am nr wath and i can see the smoke
  13. yes its just around my front door
  14. can some one please help me i what to know if you can put masonry paint over gloss
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