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  1. 39 minutes ago, tzijlstra said:

    I agree this doesn't move the needle on the Brexit outcome (This has been Labour's position since their conference last year). I do wonder though... where is Car Boot? Because frankly, the Labour position makes a lot of sense - it is warning enthusiastic leavers in Labour strongholds of the fact that leaving with no/Tory deal is going to impact workers rights significantly. This should serve as a warning siren to all those disgruntled low-wage workers in traditional Labour voting areas (like Sheffield) about the genuine outcome of Brexit, unfortunately, I don't think it will...

    Why do people on benefits need workers’ rights?  That’s where they will ultimately end up if not there already. 

  2. 4 hours ago, lil-minx92 said:

    Of course it wont. Prices might be higher though. 


    As Sheffield has twice the population of Derby, although the average wage is lower, there will be more people earning above the average wage than in Derby- probably the reason for the (alleged) higher house prices in the better areas.

    Really, with what industry in Sheffield that would support your statement? The steel industry? Pull the other one. 


    Derby has an a average wage of 25% more than Sheffield. The population size of Sheffield is no where near able to make up for that in absolute terms. 


    The reason house prices in Sheffield are higher is probably because the demand outstrips supply. 

  3. 53 minutes ago, Hippogriff said:

    I would probably turn that first job down and deliberately wait until the second offer happens before relocating... those commutes will take their toll.

    What kind of advise is that?!


    You have no idea what the jobs are for a start. In fact, You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. The first job could be a great additional to furnish their CV with which would give them a far great chance of getting the job they want later for example. 



  4. On 05/07/2019 at 10:38, Icklepoyser said:

    Hi all

    My partner has gotten a new job at Bradford University (hoping to get a job at Sheffield University in a couple of years) We currently live in Derby and I work in Nottingham City. We need to move north and feel that a suburb of Sheffield city would be a good mid point (Bradford/Notts)

    However we have absolutely no idea what each area is like so if anyone could help me I'd be very grateful.

    We are both professionals and would probably be considered definitely middle class. We currently live in a good quality, quiet suburb of Derby and our son attends a fantastic primary school which feeds into an outstanding 'top 3' secondary school in Derby. We are wanting a similar living experience in Sheffield. Also across the side of the city which the M1 is on as we will both be using that each day to travel to work. So far I've done some reading around sothall, Beighton, Wales, Aston etc but would really love the opinions of people who actually live in Sheffield.

    Many thanks

    I definitely think Derby is a more pleasant city than Sheffield. Also but arguably far more critically, you get far better value in property in Derby than Sheffield. I never quite understood this as the average salary in Derby is far higher than Sheffield. 


    I am am going to hazard a guess that you currently live in the Eccelsbourne catchment area such as Allestree or Darley Abbey. These are very nice places to start with and it will be quite a challenge to find something similar in Sheffield. 

  5. On 26/06/2019 at 18:19, Car Boot said:

    Ha ha.


    The EU has imposed far harsher economic austerity on the working and under class of its member states than any UK Tory government has ever done. The EU ensured that the rights of workers were up for sale to the lowest bidder in Greece with international capital demanding that Greece sold a whole raft of publically owned assets to private Capital.  


    The people of Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy have had austerity of up to 40% imposed on them by their EU rulers, throwing a whole generation into lifelong unemployment.


    This is the cold hard reality of the EU.

    Has it? My pay has risen by 235% since 2008. 

  6. 21 hours ago, Pettytom said:

    I’m ok that his nonsense has gone. 


    It is dangerous and has lead to the illness and death of many people. The fewer unsubstantiated anti-vaccination posts there are, the better as far as I’m concerned 

    Absolutely not. The people spreading misinformation to the detriment of public health should be muted. This is because the general public have been proven time and time again to be stupid. 

  7. 40 minutes ago, melthebell said:


    tell me again why brexit is a good idea?



    while weve been dividing our country, getting rid of brexit mps and prime ministers for the last 3 years the EU have concluded the second of two massive trade deals. who needs who more? us or the EU?

    Only took TWENTY YEARS!


    Trade deals are quick to make right?

  8. 12 hours ago, Car Boot said:

    Very many Brits never enjoyed the so-called 'perks' of EU membership despite living under its rule for the last 46 years.


    I guess they won't miss something they never had.

    Everyone on zero hour  contract employment has benefitted from EU legislation. Not many people there you seem to believe. 


    Stop making statements with no facts to back them up please. 

  9. 57 minutes ago, davyboy said:

    is it offence to record  a conversation without the  knowledge of the other party?

    AND to publish it.

      Is it an  an invasion of privacy?

    Actually no.  Not if it was recorded in a public space or place you have a right to be in as this person was. 


    Also he didn’t publish it. 

  10. 8 hours ago, makapaka said:


    Yes. I’d argue the woman is the worst of the offenders with the level of responsibility she has and the disregard for it.


    are you advocating a women with children under 5  committing prison worthy crimes getting reduced sentences because she has kids?


    Absolutely. Making the kids victims is fair because?

  11. If you have traditional system and want to move to a combi then it isn’t as straightforward as just swapping out the boiler. Your central heating system will be under more pressure for a start so if your current pipe work isn’t up to it, it will start leaking. You might end up changing all the pipe work for your central heating to be able to accommodate a combination boiler. 


    Another disadvantage is if you have more than one shower in the house for example. You might not be able to have enough hot water to have two showers running at the same time. 


    Combi boilers are cheaper to run because you don’t have to maintain a constant tank of hot water. Apparently, they don’t have the longevity of a traditional boiler. 

  12. 34 minutes ago, L00b said:

    Drum roll...and today's results are in:


    Boris is still in the lead (of course),

    Raab fell out,

    Javid hanging in there by the skin of his teeth,  

    and Stewart is coming up on the inside.


    I suggest that you tune to BBC1 at 20:00 tonight, this should be good :D

    Thank God the Brexit extremist is gone. 


    I still don't think Johnson will make it to the final two. Too much time for Boris not to trip up. 

  13. 20 minutes ago, zach said:

    I wasn't asking, not sure if your reply was to me or in general.


    Either way, guesstimates of $50-60,000 could be how much a  top configured one with the display might set you back...if anyone's interested or in the market for one.

    In general. The pricing of that thing is crazy. 


    $999 for a monitor stand. A MONITOR STAND. 


    I get it that you can get some specs that are out the park like 1.5TB of RAM. 


    The target audience for this machine is very very niche where money really is no object. 

  14. 28 minutes ago, Lockdoctor said:

    The Brexit Party  have one policy /aim and the clue is in their name.  Why do you think if the Brexit  Party had other policies they might have attracted more votes in the Peterborough by-election?   Farage might have not been happy the Brexit Party didn't win the Peterborough seat but I guess Brexit Party supporters are happy with the ways things are moving at the moment after their disappointment of the UK not leaving the EU on 29th March.

    The Brexit Party are nothing more than a really large pressure group. They wield no political power domestically and are insignificant internationally. 


    Their demands to represent this this country in negotiations with the EU is comical. Get an MP elected first. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Voice of reason said:

    Which party can come away from that by-election with any confidence?

    The result shows the sorry state of all the parties.

    All the established major parties can come away confident. 


    The Euro election results WILL not convert into potential Brexit Party MPs elected in a general election. 

  16. If you think about, it is rather amusing that in a Leave area and during Brexit and on the back of the Euro elections, the Brexit Party still couldn’t get an MP elected. 


    This is rather significant in that will all the ducks lined up. They still failed. 



  17. 1 hour ago, Car Boot said:

    LEAVE has won the Peterborough by-election.


    Labour's Lisa Forces won on 10,484 votes.  She campaigned on a platform to honour the referendum and deliver Brexit. In second came the Brexit party, on 9,801 votes. 


    Remain voters gave their vote to the Liberal Democrats, champions of austerity for the poor. They gained 4,159 votes.

    If Labour wanted Brexit you would have had it by now. It isn’t the minority of Tory MPs stopping it. It is Labour. Labour are the main obstacle to Brexit. 

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