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  1. Why do people on benefits need workers’ rights? That’s where they will ultimately end up if not there already.
  2. Really, with what industry in Sheffield that would support your statement? The steel industry? Pull the other one. Derby has an a average wage of 25% more than Sheffield. The population size of Sheffield is no where near able to make up for that in absolute terms. The reason house prices in Sheffield are higher is probably because the demand outstrips supply.
  3. What kind of advise is that?! You have no idea what the jobs are for a start. In fact, You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. The first job could be a great additional to furnish their CV with which would give them a far great chance of getting the job they want later for example.
  4. I definitely think Derby is a more pleasant city than Sheffield. Also but arguably far more critically, you get far better value in property in Derby than Sheffield. I never quite understood this as the average salary in Derby is far higher than Sheffield. I am am going to hazard a guess that you currently live in the Eccelsbourne catchment area such as Allestree or Darley Abbey. These are very nice places to start with and it will be quite a challenge to find something similar in Sheffield.
  5. With Labour’s position going to officially shift to Remain. The writing is definitely on the wall with Brexit.
  6. You have the right to enforce the law do you? Vigilante idiot.
  7. Can we hurry up and actually implement Brexit. That way, I can laugh at all the people going to lose their jobs. The social divide is going to widen to my advantage so there is a silver lining to to it all I guess.
  8. Absolutely not. The people spreading misinformation to the detriment of public health should be muted. This is because the general public have been proven time and time again to be stupid.
  9. Only took TWENTY YEARS! Trade deals are quick to make right?
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7190407/British-grandma-given-28-days-leave-Australia-burden-health-dies.html Why are people kicking off over this? This is what people want in this country right? Can’t complain when the boot is on the other foot.
  11. Taking this a bit further. What is to stop Mr X bringing his own legal representation with him?
  12. The only people who are really entitled to complain are the people paying 40% income tax and above. Everyone else are technically leeching.
  13. Everyone on zero hour contract employment has benefitted from EU legislation. Not many people there you seem to believe. Stop making statements with no facts to back them up please.
  14. Actually no. Not if it was recorded in a public space or place you have a right to be in as this person was. Also he didn’t publish it.
  15. Absolutely. Making the kids victims is fair because?
  16. If you have traditional system and want to move to a combi then it isn’t as straightforward as just swapping out the boiler. Your central heating system will be under more pressure for a start so if your current pipe work isn’t up to it, it will start leaking. You might end up changing all the pipe work for your central heating to be able to accommodate a combination boiler. Another disadvantage is if you have more than one shower in the house for example. You might not be able to have enough hot water to have two showers running at the same time. Combi boilers are cheaper to run because you don’t have to maintain a constant tank of hot water. Apparently, they don’t have the longevity of a traditional boiler.
  17. Thank God the Brexit extremist is gone. I still don't think Johnson will make it to the final two. Too much time for Boris not to trip up.
  18. In general. The pricing of that thing is crazy. $999 for a monitor stand. A MONITOR STAND. I get it that you can get some specs that are out the park like 1.5TB of RAM. The target audience for this machine is very very niche where money really is no object.
  19. The Church is becoming less significant as time goes on. A damn good thing too.
  20. The Brexit Party are nothing more than a really large pressure group. They wield no political power domestically and are insignificant internationally. Their demands to represent this this country in negotiations with the EU is comical. Get an MP elected first.
  21. All the established major parties can come away confident. The Euro election results WILL not convert into potential Brexit Party MPs elected in a general election.
  22. If you think about, it is rather amusing that in a Leave area and during Brexit and on the back of the Euro elections, the Brexit Party still couldn’t get an MP elected. This is rather significant in that will all the ducks lined up. They still failed.
  23. If Labour wanted Brexit you would have had it by now. It isn’t the minority of Tory MPs stopping it. It is Labour. Labour are the main obstacle to Brexit.
  24. Who would have thought? European election results did not translate into electing an MP. AGAIN.
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