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  1. So a trade deal with the world’s second largest economy by 29th March looks really realistic right?
  2. Still have no clue how our democracy works then.
  3. So which academic coined this phase then? A mathematician? Anyone in a position to discredit statistics? Still demonstrating your lack of understanding.
  4. Only the uneducated would repeat this mantra. It is very easy to look past the numbers and determine if what is being presented is an honest representation or not. Statistics is a very powerful branch of mathematics that is used all the time and is generally used to expand our understanding on many things.
  5. I am prepared to take a hit because I can afford it only to see the ones that can’t suffer.
  6. We’re staying in the customs union and essentially keeping the same four freedoms. All fine with me lol.
  7. So why won’t the government commit to the future development of the South West to the same levels as the EU if it is so simple? You really are narrow minded and can’t see the much bigger picture. Yes, we are a net contributor to the EU budget. But do we really get NOTHING in return as you imply? Access to a market worth $19.1 TRILLION is not worth it. Is this access for free? Wait a minute, it isn’t free as shown in current negotiations. We are exploiting this single market market more than most by far. So is it really a surprise that we should contribute more?
  8. You really are naive. Poor thing. The councils of the South West have been told that they can’t expect to get the same level of funding, in fact no where remotely near from central government compared to what the EU currently gives them if we leave. So how will you square this circle? The bottom line line is, you have absolutely no idea what is going on.
  9. Where do you think Wales and the South West has been getting all their development money from? Do some research before spouting stupid rhetoric please.
  10. ez8004

    BT phone cable or bell wire?

    Disconnect your ring wire. You don’t need it and it effectively acts like an antenna which introduces noise. I did this and my speeds became equivalent to plugging into the master socket directly.
  11. ez8004

    Sheffield s11 water pressure

    Do not do what this person said. Do not use the stopcock as a way of reducing pressure. You can get a proper pressure reducing valve installed.
  12. Can't wait to see the people of Sunderland cry over the future job losses.
  13. ez8004

    Dickensian diseases on the rise

    I was going to say. How the hell can whooping cough be on the rise? Unless the numbers of crackpot anti vaxxers are going up.
  14. ez8004

    TV license fee to increase again.

    Way above inflation? RPI is at 2.7% from 3.2% in the previous month. My wage increase for 2019 is 3.1%. So I don’t see a problem.
  15. ez8004

    Fooling the people for nearly 40 years

    I won’t. I’ll call you lazy and under achieving and blaming others for your failures. I didn't come from an affluent family. But my parents worked damn hard to ensure my brother and I had the best education we could get. We sacrificed a lot. We didn’t have holidays away or other luxuries people nowadays seem to think is a necessity such as SkyTV. We worked hard and achieved 1st class degrees from Russell Group universities. With that, we have landed very good jobs and now have a comfortable living. There is a level playing. There are opportunities for everyone to achieve. There is no guarantee that everyone should have the same end result and there shouldn’t be.

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