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  1. If you actually used some “logic”, the reason grade 9 is the top grade is to future proof the grading system so that higher grades can be added. The addition of A* in the 90s and the A** a few years ago clearly showed the limitations of the old system.
  2. ez8004

    macOS Catalina

    In general. The pricing of that thing is crazy. $999 for a monitor stand. A MONITOR STAND. I get it that you can get some specs that are out the park like 1.5TB of RAM. The target audience for this machine is very very niche where money really is no object.
  3. The Church is becoming less significant as time goes on. A damn good thing too.
  4. ez8004

    Peterborough by-election

    The Brexit Party are nothing more than a really large pressure group. They wield no political power domestically and are insignificant internationally. Their demands to represent this this country in negotiations with the EU is comical. Get an MP elected first.
  5. ez8004

    Peterborough by-election

    All the established major parties can come away confident. The Euro election results WILL not convert into potential Brexit Party MPs elected in a general election.
  6. ez8004

    Peterborough by-election

    If you think about, it is rather amusing that in a Leave area and during Brexit and on the back of the Euro elections, the Brexit Party still couldn’t get an MP elected. This is rather significant in that will all the ducks lined up. They still failed.
  7. ez8004

    Euro Elections

    If Labour wanted Brexit you would have had it by now. It isn’t the minority of Tory MPs stopping it. It is Labour. Labour are the main obstacle to Brexit.
  8. Who would have thought? European election results did not translate into electing an MP. AGAIN.
  9. ez8004

    macOS Catalina

    If you are asking how much the new Mac Pro costs, you are not their target customer at all.
  10. Job losses confirmed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-48533790
  11. We are acting like that single country you speak of.
  12. More job losses. They did vote vote for it by majority. They can continue to eat it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-48533790 Technically he’s not wrong. Looking at the level of educational attainment by proportion of the overall population. The majority are not sufficiently educated.
  13. ez8004

    When is it ok to have an abortion?

    Hence why I said, whatever the LAW says is allowed is allowed.
  14. ez8004

    When is it ok to have an abortion?

    You can abort at any time as defined in law. To argue otherwise is a waste of time and pointless.
  15. Solved in 0.637s in 2016. Machines are taking over.

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