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  1. Agree with the sentiment here. No point voting for the party you want if they never have a chance of getting in. I will go for the party best placed to defeat an incumbent if I no longer support them.
  2. You need more educating. The London Clearing House which is responsible for over 900 Billion Euros PER DAY of transactions is what is at risk. The European Central Bank in 2011 tried to take control of clearing of Euro denominated transactions from London. But the LSE defence hinged on the fact that it would discriminate no-euro EU countries. Guess what, we can’t use that defence anymore once we leave and all that business leaves. How much is 900 billion euros per day in the grand scheme of things? THREE QUARTERS of the GLOBAL market for these transactions. The LSE absolutely own this. But they risk losing it all.
  3. So what can the U.K. do in retaliation? Oh yes, we’ll cut off the financial services the EU is already moving to continental Europe. Oh right. About that 🤨
  4. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a punitive trade war between us and the world’s largest economic bloc? The EU can fight a trade war with the US. They will crush us if they wanted to.
  5. Ok, people like you need educating before you spout statements that make no sense. So here is a free lesson. “International law is superior to domestic legislation” So the U.K. is legally obliged to fulfil its commitments as contracted. Parliament can say whatever it wants but it carries no weight in this instance. Think about that and then come back.
  6. ez8004

    Climate change protests

    A few issues here. There is nothing wrong with being educated privately or not. You are at least educated, unlike some. Only the uneducated will not be able to see through the rhetoric and to see that the overwhelming scientific consensus is that climate change is real and a threat. Also, what is your definition of posh? People who can actually speak properly with the Queen’s English maybe. Those who are privately educated? Or those with just more money than you?
  7. What is acceptable to some people might not be to others. Your unsympathetic attitude absolutely stinks and as people have said, unless your light is mounted at some ridiculously low elevation, it shouldn’t matter titling it so it doesn’t intrude. As Nikki has pointed out, you are falling foul of the law. I want to see this played in the courts just to see you lose.
  8. We do that now of our own free will with no encouragement from the EU. Not the EU's fault as you try to make out.
  9. The EU needs to accelerate the development of more modern weapons because of the aggressive posture right on our doorstep by Russia. The annexing of Ukraine comes to mind. With regards to nuclear weapons. The EU already have nuclear weapons. The U.K. and France have them. Do more research. Actually do some research. Still spouting misinformation again.
  10. ez8004


    It was £45k you didn’t deserve. You’re too self entitled on this matter for no justifiable reason.
  11. ez8004


    I can’t be sympathetic with this at all. The disparity in pension ages between men and women needed to be reigned in. There was absolutely no justifiable reason for there to be such a difference in the first place. So with men and women pension ages being aligned it is only fairer. Why should women end up contributing less but claim more by virtue of a longer life expectancy. If you have to work longer then so be it. The line in the sand needed to be drawn somewhere. Unluckily you fell on the wrong side of it.
  12. ez8004


    The fundamental issue here is not what was it is what is relevant now. It’s doesn't matter how things worked before. Nowadays people need to have a far more proactive approach to planning one’s retirement. If you are just starting employment in your early twenties now, I would say you need to put away at least 25% of your gross salary (a combination of employer and employer contributions). If you’re not doing this, then don’t complain about the poor provisions of retirement income because quite frankly you have no right to if you don’t or didn’t help yourself.
  13. ez8004


    I have no idea what you are talking about. When you mean the new scheme, I am assuming the current scheme. It can actually work out. I have over a decade's worth of contributions in a final salary scheme that is deferred until I retire. My current employee scheme contributes the equivalent of 18% (which is still relatively low compared to something like a final salary scheme) of my gross salary into a pension scheme. I have been prudent in having various investments since I started working so I have built up a regular income outside of work which will contribute to my pension income. My wife claims child benefit, so she gets 12 years of NI for free effectively. We should both max out our NI requirements (I have 19 years contributed so far, so need another 16 years from 30 years of work lol). Total pension income when we retire in today's money will be about £40k. This is not the same as the income I get from working, but then again I shouldn't have outgoings like a mortgage to service. It is not all doom and gloom. You lot need far better financial planning.
  14. ez8004


    The government cannot afford to give out handouts on the scale you propose. It is no where near close to being able to afford it. People need to take more responsibility for their financial planning especially in terms of retirement.
  15. ez8004


    Pensioners should not be totally reliant on the state for providing for them in retirement. You reap what you sow. So if you plan for the minimum, do you really deserve more?

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