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  1. Hello I am looking for a Graffiti Artist to spray my sons bedroom wall, can anybody point me in the right direction. Kind regards
  2. It's easy, measure your existing doors, measure your existing hinge points and there are boxes for you to put all the info in, make sure you select matching edges etc whatever you want then just swap the doors. I am having a joiner because I'm having new carcass's and side panels etc so if you wanted him to do it, he would order them for you too.
  3. I've just ordered mine from DIYhomefit.co.uk, I have quite high standards so if you can wait I'll let you know what they are like. They are been installed on 5 April. You can literally order any size you like.
  4. Thank for your replies if I continue to remove the chimney in the bedroom too do I still need an RSJ between the kitchen and the dinning room? Thanks
  5. I am thinking of buying a house which as a chimney breast in the kitchen and dining room. In order to knock the kitchen into the dining room this chimney breast needs to come out. I want to take it out myself but I've never done it before. I am guessing I'll need a structural engineer and do I need planning permission? Then is it just a case of propping the ceilings up then taking down the chimney? Thanks
  6. I have just had pressed concrete laid and where they put their stool in the concrete to create a walkway, I now have dark round patches where the release as grabbed, it looks awful. I have said that I don't want it sealing until these have gone. They have assured me they will fade but I don't see how they can. Does this always happen and can anything me done before they seal it? Thanks
  7. Hello We are looking for someone to quote us for a patio, can anyone tell me roughly how much a square meter people charge. Many thanks
  8. Sorry a1 agency. Great thanks for your sensible response. I have emailed them several times but never received a reply. I have phoned them but nobody rings back so wondering if they are any good. Thanks
  9. I am looking to hire a craps table for a party and was wondering if anybody had used the above company. Many thanks
  10. I am looking to hire a craps table for a party and just wondered if anybody had used this company before. Many thanks
  11. thanks for your response, they have quoted £422 + vat which is about £500 he did say the tube lengths were small than 900 mm and therefore I need 2 lengths. can you look at solatube.co.uk. are these the same? many thanks
  12. so which is the best one to buy? can anyone purchase from tuff roof or do you need an account? thanks
  13. I need to buy a Sun tube, I already have someone to fit it but not sure which one to buy, there are a number available on.the internet and the price between one and the other is quite a big difference. any suggestions? thanks
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