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  1. I well remember Dad mending our shoes back in the fifties. I also still have a hobbing foot to use as a doorstopper.
  2. I found my half brother on facebook after 40 yrs looking for him. Good luck in your quest.
  3. Thanks for your answers, I can't remember if we had notification of future disruption, then again, I can't remember my own name sometimes.
  4. But why? RTA?,burst water main? We are having a constant flow of heavy traffic, not usual once the shops shut.
  5. Does anyone know why we are having such a lot of traffic on Northern Ave tonight? It seemed to start about 8.30 and just now five or six busses and an ambulance have gone down towards Norfolk Park.
  6. I have always wondered why the male of our species is never more happy than when making lots of noise. As for my opinion of bonfire month, I have eight cats, nuff said.
  7. Don't know about ladybirds, but the flies and slugs are back.
  8. My first husband worked down the pit and always took either dripping or jam sandwiches. Not worth having anything nice as the pit ponies could manage to get into your snap tin and steal them. Years later when working on building sites one of his fav fillings was mashed potato.
  9. I love winter, no more slugs, snails,flies,wasps, the grass dosn't grow,we are not disappointed by the weather, we can cover our flabby bodies in big clothes, and best of all, casserole, throw everything the oven meals.
  10. Walter M Timm was also my gt grandfather, married to Hannah Blackwell. Any more relations on here?
  11. I had what looked like cotton wool/soapsuds all over my apple trees when we moved in. Read an old fashioned gardening book which recommended rubbing it all over with methelated spirits, it worked a treat and in 13 yrs hasn't returned.
  12. Five days a week, secondary school at the top of the street between my house and shops. It seems that children today are not told what litter bins are for. Parents just as bad with scratch cards. Working class estate s2.
  13. Squeaky, embarrassing if you live with in-laws.
  14. The mangle also had the advantage of ironing the clothes if you folded them first.
  15. I bought some fullers earth recently on ebay, I presume that you can also get the cream.
  16. The teenage litterlouts from the school at the top of our road. Their parents who are just a bad. People visiting the free Vet across the road who let their dogs poop all over the grass in front of our houses and not clearing up. People visiting the free Vet across the road who turn up in posh cars, (one family turned up in a brand new Mercades the other week) Cold callers, nearly always when cooking, or sitting down to dinner. Workmen who either don't turn up, or don't finish a job properly. I could be here all day, feel better for this rant.
  17. I'm with mojo, if the world needed an enema, Stavely is the place that it would be administered.
  18. I believe that it is the RSPCA kennels that need bedding. Wouldn't you think that such a rich charity could run to a couple of washing machines?
  19. I'm with Tinfoilhat, germs are natures way of thinning out the population, time we had another Plague, there are far too many of us bu^^%$£"g this planet up
  20. You could also try Sheffield Records Online for free, lots of people on their chatline like Hillsbro who are only too willing to help. Genes Reuniteds basic (about £12) membership, has also chat sites with hundreds of people around the world willing to help. Good luck with your journey.
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