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  1. I didn't say they did want it. It was you that said they didn't. I'm unaware of the Scottish people expressing an opinion either way.
  2. The thing about Scottish exports is the reliance on the UK. The UK maintains good transport links to Scotland because Scotland is part of the union. There isn't the same incentive if Scotland were independent and outside the EU. England would have an international border with customs and virtually all road and rail transport between the EU and Scotland would need to cross that border. Similarly there isn't much that Scotland exports that couldn't be produced in the rest of the UK cheaper and without import tariff to Europe. It makes you think doesn't it? ---------- Post added 26-08-2014 at 17:09 ---------- If Scotland applied for EU membership they would have to adopt the Euro as currency. That has been a requirement of attaining EU membership since 2004.
  3. How do you know they don't want it. Do you think Salmond speaks for the population of Scotland on all things?
  4. Actually there's no proof that Glenn Miller is dead either. He is probably floating the oceans living off fish and awaiting rescue.
  5. If you resist they burn your feet off before they behead you.
  6. I don't think it works like that. A vote for independence would be just that. It would be the start of negociation. Currently the UK owns all the national infrastructure and is responsible for all the debt. If Scotland votes for independence then there will be negociation about what assetts are handed over in return for how much debt. A bit like a marriage break up. So if Scotlands administration want railways, hospitals, armed forces, oil etc, they will be expected to take on debt for the money used to finance them. I could see it taking a decade.
  7. Yesterday there was a bunch of the protestors on the Moor. I think they had been moved on from The Town Hall because of a wedding and were rolling down the Moor chanting. There had been some black guy with a megaphone down on the Moor chanting Christian slogans for some time and they tried to shut him up, but the guy wasn't going to be shut up and just chanted louder. It rather detracted from the kids trying to watch Peter Pan on the big screen. But hey.. Why should kids be allowed to enjoy themselves when their are loud mouths around?
  8. Perhaps the government of the day got it wrong.
  9. Has anyone else noticed parking meters issuing tickets with the wrong time on them? Today down near the market I paid my money and got a ticket 8 minutes out. I presume if I come back 55 minutes later that the guy dishing out the tickets will have a clock that actually shows the correct time and I will get a ticket.
  10. Like I said. Warehouses aren't the thing to convert to low cost housing. Neither are churches. Pubs on the other hand often are.
  11. Don't send any post cards. They just steam the stamps off and put your cards in the bin.
  12. So if that's your definition of low cost housing there isn't a problem. :hihi:
  13. You do seem to want to make this personal. But if you want to live in a flat with no windows to the outside world that's up to you. I suppose if that's what you are used to then why not. No one else would live in it. No one would build it and no planners would allow it. But you knew that all along.
  14. That's not really the point. A pane of glass between an office and a corridor is just a glass internal wall. It isn't acceptable in a house/flat to have no outside windows. That would be a cave.
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