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  1. Back to SCC have lost Control if taxis, that is clearly right, we as customers put our lives in there hands every time we get into a taxi. We expect the car/ taxi to be in good clean working order, we expect the driver to take us from A to B in a responsible manner, we expect the driver to be honest and reliable as a self employed person should be, but how do we the customer no what he’s like, taxi drivers I think should have a tachograph fitted to there vehicles to monitor the hours they drive and there driving habits (how long they have for a break how fast they drive and so on) and should all have a criminal free record certificate on display,
  2. whenever I hear about fury I think big fish small pond, and now fury and wilder have fought I think big fish little pond for fury and big fish extra small pond, fury was better in every department than wilder, but wilder got in with a couple of knock down shots to make it a draw somehow, forget the heavy weights for this decade watch the middle weights thats where the elite boxers are at the mo, if those 2 where middle weights theyed be journey men, especially wilder, fury might get to area champ, small fish big pond
  3. I find this really hard to believe, a taxi driver doing something dishonest, who would believe that
  4. there wasn't an air ambulance, from what I saw it was the police helicopter following the car then left when it crashed, I never saw any helicopter land around that time, an the people in that car are very lucky to be alive its about half its width of what it should be
  5. Rubbish!!!! absolute rubbish.... I have had very close members of my family go through drug abuse and they havent once stolen anything from anyone to feed their habit. Rubbish!!!! absolute rubbish....
  6. the op says his brother is a drug addict and recently got 50k, not just become an addict overnight since getting the 50k, we all no his brother has probably been an addict for a long time and so does the op, but hes asking for help and nothing else, he just wants to cure his brother of his disease and that's what drugs are, a disease on our society
  7. speaking on personal experience, he needs to see whats happening around him, with his lifestyle having a big effect on his family and friends, while hes got easy money that wont happen, I would suggest get the 40k away from him somehow, the remove any thing of value from your house and his, as he WILL pinch it and WILL sell it, when theres no cash left and nothing to pinch no bank cards to get money from [your bank card not his] then he might start looking at his life, tough love is the quickest answer I can give, we had the problem for ten years with weed [that people say isn't a problem] my friends son was a drug addict for twenty years before he got straight , and I no more, and there familys all say the same about tough love, you have to do it, its hard but do it and stick to it, basically get him to rock bottom as quick as you can and remember its the drugs you are fighting and not him, the scumbag dealers should live with an addict then theyed probably stop dealing
  8. getting back to tipping taxi drivers, how many of you have been tipped by a taxi drivers or have you been chipped
  9. the authorities have been locking drug dealers up for years and it hasn't worked, make the drugs legal and take away the huge money value from them no money to be made no dealers no plastic gangsters no drug dealing related deaths, no druggy stealing or robbing hopefully a brighter world
  10. the scumbags are the selfish drug dealers not the users, the scumbags no the user has thieved robbed burgled or mugged someone to get them there money for there drugs there pushing, they no the user is killing himself but the selfish scumbag dealer doesn't care as long as they get there cash. doesent care the user has put his family thru hell, doesent care that user the has robbed from everyone they no to give the dealer there cash for there drugs, doesent care that there making the world a worse place as long as they get there cash. the real scumbags are the dealers, not the users so its time to make drugs legal. im not going to go on but we all no the results Legalize drugs, gets rid of the dealers. especially the young dealers, get them on a correct path stop the drug related murders and stabbings. just heard of another drug related death from cut drugs, and this is my rant. but I do believe something needs doing
  11. its not all about drugs, but its crime that the drug dealers live of, so stop the drugs reduce the crime
  12. AJ a big fish in a small pond would you say
  13. I advertised for a brickie on the Sheffield forum, and got one, what a ripoff merchant he was, wanted £500,oo a day, yes £500,oo a day, plus a labourer and extras to make the job easier, , i since discovered there really is a lot of dodgy tradesmen out there trying to rip people of, so my advice is get someone you can do checks on,
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