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  1. Hi does anyone know of any drum teachers who come to the house to teach ?
  2. hi wheres there going to be any bonfires fireworks displays this year ?
  3. hi anyone know of any pubs with function rooms where I can do my own buffet in handsworth/woodhouse/hackenthorpe/town centre or nr areas thanks
  4. I was just wondering how the little girl was on manor park she was laid at side of road hurt hope she ok and her family
  5. Thanks. van to big and there is my old kitchen cupboards so a trade waste probably better.
  6. I am looking to get rid of approximately a van full of household and garage waste and wondered if anyone knew a cheap waste site. Cant use local household site as I need to get van in and there is quite alot. Thanks in advance
  7. my sister also designs and makes tiaras and comb slides to order she fab at wat she does she made all mine and done a few weddings since
  8. you should always complain or the people wont know yo correct mistakes
  9. up near beauchief hotel there is a little railway village where kids go on the trains perfect for 3 yr old only bout 30 pence a go
  10. pho68 on london road is the best place to eat good value for money
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