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  1. Anyone out there reccommend a good solicitor that doesn't charge an arm and leg for conveyancing. My family and I are going to live In another house and need to sell our current property. We are not buying another, just selling one.
  2. Does anyone on here have any experience of having house valued and sold
  3. I too am looking for gravel fence and fitting if anyone can recommend anywhere. Need it done asap to keep dog in.
  4. Is there anyone out there that does home services on mobility scooters I will also need my batteries checked. Expect to pay a reasonable amount, but Eden, Clarkes, Parkgate etc charge a fortune. Please get in touch asap
  5. Hi It's my sons washer I will ring him. All I know it's integrated. Get back to you shortly ---------- Post added 26-11-2013 at 11:54 ---------- Make of washer is INDESIT WM12 X Please let us know your phone number and my son will arrange it with you. Thanks:) ---------- Post added 26-11-2013 at 12:06 ---------- Make of washer is INDESIT WM12 X Please let us know your phone number and my son will arrange it with you. Thanks:)
  6. Help My washer not filling, light on but noone home. Have checked water pipe is turned on. Does anyone know of a deceng repairer that doesnt charge a call out and is a decent price. Thanks everyone
  7. What's goin on, smell of smoke. Can't hear yourself think for noise of helicopter near halifax road police everywhere
  8. Wadsley bridge wmc late sunday night paramedics and ambulance were there whats gone off. Anyone out there know?
  9. Hi I am looking for a regulated airport transfer to take me and the family to manchester airport. I will be taking my xl mobility scooter, my walking frame, 2 xl suitcases, 3 passengers and 3 hand luggages. So it must be a large vehicle. Thanks everyone:)
  10. Im told somewhere in dungworth I can get wood for a decking relatively cheap. Does anyone know about this, if not where is the best place at a good price.:(
  11. Anyone know why cowper crescent/road is cordoned of by police
  12. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a tablet or ipad but not sure which. I need something that is light, compact, and does what is says on the tin. I have read all sorts of reviews but I am more confused now than ever. Thought best way to find out was on here, people who are already using them to me are the best people to ask. Thanks all :confused:
  13. Thanks for all the useless replies. I did go an ask an once they stopped sscratchin their eds and leaning on their shovels they said " not sure yet" so if they don't know there's no hope for rest off us
  14. Power cuts, diggers goin flashin lights concrete cutters u name it, what is happening on binsted at wadsley bridge an ow long do we av to av al this noise an upset for.
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