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  1. my lad has just told me there was a brown sludge on river down near kelham island on his way to work and it smelt really bad the ducks are covered in it he works down attercliffe and says it smell down there
  2. its on the star website with video dont now how to link it 6000 litres of kerosene has gone down the drains some one has a nice clean up bill to pay hope no one was hurt
  3. several people got hurt through someone being stupid it was not just embers off the fire they threw stuff on the the fire causing a lot of people to get out the way quick, the little girl concerned was no where near the fire. also some got hurt with fire works being fired off the church roof. there was no first aider there. no supervision either they where very lucky something really serious didn't happen. luckily the little girl concerned was treated at childrens and will be ok.
  4. LARGE AMOUNT IF SMOKE IN THE NORTH OF SHEFFIELD TONIGHT Three fire engines are on their way to reports of a large amount of smoke in north Sheffield. The fire brigade said they had received ‘quite a number’ of calls from people in the Douglas Road, Parkwood Springs area of Sheffield. Two fire engines from Central station, and one from Darnall, were heading to the scene. posted on sheffield on line
  5. not just shiregreen being hit high geen is bonfire night my daughter got hers broke into luckerly they were not in the house, her two little girls are scared to go back there, been reports of more in our area and not sure but been told grenoside being hit as well, nothing said about them being armed thou they even emptied her fridge, and she only went shopping that evening. a house down the road to us has been done as well and that had an intruder alarm they even diconnected that. if so many houses are getting robbed where is all this stuff going
  6. could it of been this /www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-14957549 its a satelite heading back to earth dont know how to link it sorry
  7. i have just watched the clip of this hurricane thats coming its on the daily express site under 80 mile hr winds, it was put on 4 hrs ago not sure how to redirect to the page its on sorry
  8. water rates are seperate from council tax here and ours at presant is just under £600 a year unless your on benefits then its £5 a week thats north sheffield
  9. unforunatly with the new law the goverment has brought in that new tenants will sine a contract for a year and be reviewed. to see if they still qualify for the tenancy they are in i can only see things getting worse why take a pride in where you live if you are not sure you will be staying. and the council do go round and check places so if they where reported to the council then they have to follow it up.
  10. might be easier to park in wicks carpark on rutland road and catch a tram up the hill only a short walk to childrens then or go a lot earlier for multi storey at halamshire
  11. there is a multi storey carpark in front of the halamshire hospital and is just a short walk to the childrens hospital and it is not expensive. childrens hospital has a small carpark to the rear of it but is usually full. unfortunatly parking round there is awfull it is a cse of first come first served concidering the amount of hospitals in that area its really bad for parking good luck hope i have been of some help
  12. well done on getting the job hope u enjoy it
  13. local councils hald a list of private landlords and letting agents also will tell you who will except dhss my daughter had the same problem of finding out.
  14. how do they now what house is what as no houses seem to have numbers on any more
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