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  1. my key arrived yesterday. Planning on going down tomorrow, work today . Nice to know you're still around will say hi
  2. Just about to take on plot 9, wondered if anyone is still around on the forum from these allotments?
  3. Do you still have space to share? Interest in growing veggies etc
  4. It was more the location tescos was appling for than it being tescos. That junction is a nightmare already. It is a shame that everything is being turned into a supermarket or charity shop. I can only guess that it's so hard to get financial backing to open an independent business.
  5. I play at C.I.A. woodland in Chesterfield. Newish sight, very friendly and fair marshalling.
  6. Was really good to meet you last week, hope to see you again soon. To everyone else, if you're at a loose end (slight pun) pop along.
  7. Oops took me slightly longer to get home and eat. Sorry if anyone turned up at 7. I'll be there in future at the more achievable half past. Feel free to arrive earlier if it's convinent, others WILL show up
  8. Just rang them and apparently there is ramp access through the delievery gates. Either call as you arrive or someone to ask as the bar and they'll show the way. Once in the pub it's mostly one level.
  9. Hi, I'm setting up a regular informal knitting and crochet meetup group, Tuesday evenings from 7:30 at The Blake pub in Upperthorpe/Walkley. All abilities welcome, pop along.
  10. We're looking for two boy kittens, grey tabbies preferably but more importantly healthy happy little kitties. If you know of any kittens looking for a loving home please pm me with details.
  11. On the corner of Hanover Way and Moore Street? Just talking about what it could be too
  12. PA Jewellery can get you a quote for pocket watch repairs. It depends on the shape of glass, domed or flat (not round or square etc)
  13. Speak to your GP, they will be able to help as there are lots of ways to treat it. They might prescribe drugs if suitable. Counciling can help get to the cause and help you through it. Additionally regular excercise is a great help because it gets good chemicals flowing. I hope you are able to get help and support, you're not alone.
  14. thanks for the info on the K9bridle. Started her off on a traditional style halti and she just pulled like an ox on it. Believe it or not the best results so far have been with the body harness for general pulling but when another animal is involved it does help her more than me!
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