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  1. About 10 years ago, someone I knew drove around in a Citroen Zara Picasso that his dad apparently qualified for. His dad was probably fit for work if you ask me, but then that whole family were/are just lazy scroungers; Most of them never did a days work in their lives.
  2. Most of your posts, especially this one, are grammatical nightmare
  3. Fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round
  4. There will no doupt be some sort of converter, but get ready to pay a lot of money.
  5. I think I'm right in saying that there are more British Eurosceptic MEP's than pro EU MEP's.
  6. I had to laugh when Ireland said NO to the Lisbon treaty in a referendum, But the powers that be decided that something wasn't quite right about the referendum and how it was conducted so they went again, and the YES vote won. If the YES campaign had won initially would the referendum have been held again?.................NO!
  7. Have you accidentally altered your screen resolution?
  8. In all honesty im not sure, but self determination is worth every penny. God that was corny
  9. Im yet to be convinced that the European countries that trade with Britain currently would stop doing so were we to leave the EU; Bare in mind they are trading with us now and we're not in the Eurozone like they are.
  10. I didnt think you could create a reflective surface from wood.
  11. Thats a good question, But it costs us a pretty penny being in the EU that for sure.
  12. I dont beleive all the scare stories about what would happen if Britain did leave the EU; We're kind of half in half out anyway with us not being in the Eurozone.
  13. Dont mention Gumtree on here !!!
  14. He usually is sat down in his wheelchair actually.
  15. Hey Austin, Is it true Dr Evil's father invented the question mark?
  16. My first car was a crappy old Nova from outside the Netto at Sheffield lane top for £150 about 11 years ago. The steering wheel came off in my hand while I was driving once
  17. I dont know about that. An SAS marksman would have trouble shooting a fox dead with one shot.
  18. I'd say a couple of hundred good songs.
  19. My daughter is trying to do her school Homework on the Educationcity website, But just as she gets into it, The website inexplicably cuts off back to the starting menu!! Is anyone else experiencing this?
  20. ooooo get you! If you were really the big hard man you would just PM him your address and invite him over.
  21. I dont know, I'm just making the point that on that occasion the US wasn't in a position to defend itself adequetely, no one new what was going to happen next on that morning and for one reason or another the US,s vast fleet of jet fighters were not able to be scrambled at short notice to shoot down any other rogue planes.
  22. X Isn't the last letter of the alphabet.
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