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  1. Hi if your willing to do home visits I have three lassa apros you can practice on. I live S35(High green)
  2. Has anyone got any large garden stones they don't want. Doing a project on my garden, also wanted some paving slabs
  3. Sad to say the landlady Kath died late last night. R.I.P.
  4. One of their barmaids died either last night or this morning
  5. I cant understand why cctv is so bad, you would think with technoligy these days the pictures would be much clearer:confused:
  6. didnt know about cctv footage, has it been on the news? ---------- Post added 07-01-2013 at 14:46 ---------- I hope to god they get the rotters
  7. Lots of activity on Greengate Lane again, police horses and a police van, anybody know whats going on?
  8. Hey up thee , hows tha gooin, hope thas got summat to tec me to flicks cus i ain got nowt,tha buyin chips after an all
  9. I have JUST put my house on the market, you lot are worrying me silly , if I dont sell I cant buy, I have gone just under the asking price for the house I want, I hope this is going to happen to me, I have a lovely house for sale, all I want is a fair price.
  10. I have a massive garden that needs cultivating, I,m sure I would let you grow a few veggies
  11. I would automaticly say what area I was from, it makes sense
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