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  1. Smashed up!!!! Your lot couldnt smash a stadium made of glass
  2. No the UAF are not good guys in anything !!! They are vile scumbags exactly the same as the EDL
  3. I'm guessing dm means Daily Mail ... If so what do they have to do with anything ? The Telegraph is the paper in question . And I'd write to the newspaper and tell them they're findings are wrong then if I was you . And the fact there could possibly be BRITISH Muslims that ' cannot understand the English language " is itself another issue that's just ... Wrong
  4. I didnt say it was acceptable ! People often call Millwall f.c fans thugs when in actual fact , it's probably 200-300 out of say 15.000 Not fair on the MAJORITY of genuine fans but the hooligan element ruin it for the rest , just like the minority radical Muslims ruin it for the majority genuine ones . ---------- Post added 14-06-2013 at 22:54 ---------- 1 in 4 ruin it for the 3 in 4 ... Simple .
  5. A Daily Telegraph survey showed that 6% of British Muslims (about 100, 000 individuals) fully supported the July 2005 bombings in the London Underground, and one Muslim in four expressed some sympathy with the bombers.[ Is there any wonder people use the word Muslim in a derogatory manner when 1 in 4 sympathise with evil suicide bombers ?
  6. When did I say the u.a.f were middle class uni students ? ---------- Post added 14-06-2013 at 00:03 ---------- Your anti e.d.l that's fine so am I , but the fact you chose to brand them as the uneducated bunch when you could use a bunch of bearded men laying on a tram line praying to the same god Lee Rigbys murderers embraced whilst beheading him is what I find odd
  7. People like Qatada if extradited become pointless , we might as well keep him and extract every bit of information we possibly can . By any means possible might I add .
  8. Oh god another anti edl post you couldn't resist could you . The other side of the police line we had the u.a.f and there followers who are hardly a shining example of Britain's education system themselves .
  9. They do threaten , and do divert vital attention and should certainly be at least stopped from certain activities sure to cause violence , however to think (as certain people have suggested)they are anything like the same problem we face with radical islam is incredibly dense .
  10. So it understandable then that a few narrow minded thugs might be hard line when it comes to something you yourself describe as a war with a fanatical Islamist group that is in our country
  11. You forgot to mention those ridiculous chants they all get excited over ---------- Post added 12-06-2013 at 23:37 ---------- A new centre forward at the lane
  12. So let me try and get this straight . Was 7/7 committed by radical Islamic lunatics they claim in the name of islam . Answer .... Yes Are the edl concerned and actively seeking to stop the spread of islam and most importantly radicalised Muslims from killing anybody else on English soil .... Yes So surely the edl are only a problem and only exist because we have these ferrel Muslims burning poppies , beheading soldiers , blowing up underground trains etc etc Everybody get together and get rid of this foul barbaric form of islam and then the edl can go back to football violence or whatever it is they do . They edl disgust me , don't get me wrong but it really is simple to understand . No Radical Islam = no Edl No edl = well still the radicalised Muslims killing people in the name of islam as they claim .
  13. Your preaching to me , when I don't need preaching at ! I know exactly what the EDL are and exactly what their racist followers seek to gain , however they cannot simply be ignored on the subject of radical ISLAM . Speaking of dangerous nonsense and radical barbaric islam a 10 year old was beheaded in Afghanistan on Tuesday along with his 15 year old friend , I simply cannot put what the edl do or participate in ,in the same category as things like this and the Lee Rigby murder. Radical islam is dangerous/evil The edl are dangerously unintelligent ---------- Post added 12-06-2013 at 21:50 ---------- It is a completion in their own deluded little worlds ! Clearly ---------- Post added 12-06-2013 at 21:51 ---------- The edl need to be watched by the local pub watch scheme Jihadists need tracking at the highest level
  14. I think you will find more people will be annoyed by the fact radical Islam is to blame for the death of an innocent man AGAIN . I don't get insulted when the edl or Uaf visit sheffield seeking support I just ..... Don't go and support them .
  15. Do your think its riot police that are countering the radical Islamic vermin threat , or could it be the secret intelligence services ? And protecting Muslims :hihi::hihi: don't make me laugh , those police were there to protect the EDL from the nutcases that couldn't stand the thought of them "laying a wreath"
  16. Just out of interest , why wouldn't you advise gays to live there ? Seems a strange comment to make
  17. I didnt say it was acceptable behaviour , I condemn the EDL at every opportunity. The " idiots " as you brand them , obviously feel threatened by something world leaders and millions of people see as a major threat to the way we love our lives . 9/11 7/7 Lee Rigby etc etc are all symptoms of the problem that is radical Islam , so please don't expect people of the EDL's mindset to just ignore what is a massive problem clearly. They go about what they do in a wrong sometimes disgusting manner yet you cannot ignore the issues they raise .
  18. Radical Islam is a global problem that seeks to destroy and murder anything in its path . The EDL on the other hand is a national problem caused by a few drunkards intent on a scrap and making stupid gestures at people .
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