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  1. What people fail to mention when quoting wolves parachute payments is that wolves already have a wage bill ready to gobble all that money up . I read that Kevin Doyle £40.000 a week and Jamie o'hara £35.000 , Roger Johnson £40.000 a week cost the club nearly £7.000.000 a year in wages and bonuses that's without the rest of the squad . People discuss like its £16.000.000 extra they have to spend when in reality it's to cover the amount they are committed to paying out . Wolves having much more spending power than us . Not really They realise the value and potential of McDonald and we obviously don't that's as simple as it gets for me .
  2. Can't provide links to what I was told from someone in the know . Sometimes you have to trust what people say . I said he had turned our improved offer down . True I said he had signed a 3 year deal . True Was that enough confirmation for you?
  3. Turned it down this morning . Signed a 3 year deal at wolves .... gutted
  4. Great day yesterday apart from the game. I did something I very rarely do yesterday and left when there 3rd goal went in as I honestly thought we were dreadful . Can't recall us being that bad under Wilson if I'm honest . Weirs trying to play a certain style of football and it ain't gunna happen overnight but god we need a plan b . 1 upfront without someone like macca just isn't going to work , Taylor looked so isolated , and I'm baffled as to why the defenders seemed to have been instructed never to put there foot through the ball , that may work with the players weir is used to working with ie premiership players but our back four certainly aren't what you would call passing defenders . They can pass the ball but but every single time for 90 minutes just isn't going to work . The most worrying thing about yesterday for me was how unfit and off the pace we looked to them . It was at times embarrassing , how we never won a second ball , race or anything for that matter . I'm not going to get on their backs because its pointless but something needs to change already for me and quickly because teams will work us out after 5minutes like brentford did yesterday . Credit to the bees though they were best side we played last year and seem to be the same this year . Great support from the blades btw UTB
  5. Well once again Sheffield united manage to show a total lack of ambition . I have been K macs biggest supporter on here as I believe along with Kenny Jackett the 24 year old is absolute Quality . Quality we cannot replace . The excuse we've used with recent departures is they are on big money , this excuse cannot be used here as he was a free agent being offered league 1 wages . Why would the board allow a £750k buyout clause ? Last season had he say scored 30 goals and been the highest rated player in the league we would have had to sell him for £750k ... Joke Why not better the wages Wolves offer ? Every asset our club has on the pitch is sold . FACT Every asset the club has off the pitch is in Mcabes name Ie the ground the hotel etc etc . This sale is at the worst time This sale is a backward step This sale is unambitious This sale is a joke Any united fan that actually watches the blades week in week out and understands playing decent football ( not long ball ) will understand macca is the best midfielder we've had in years ! . Sign Lyle Taylor 1 step forward . Sell Kevin McDonald 2 steps back . Kevin McCabe is the downfall of this club and while ever he is in charge this backward unambitious non progression will just continue . All the optimism I had leaving the ground 1 week ago today has now been sapped by this awful news And breath ... Rant over
  6. As soon as I saw Porter and Flynn were playing I knew there would be no end product .
  7. No coincidence it's "multicultural" of cause . Add it to Page Hall , Darnall ,Burngreave and Pitsmoor as a crime ridden hellhole and surely someone will begin to realise whats going on .
  8. Hoping for Porter and Doyle to start :loopy: Please don't mention Porters pre season exploits as it counts for nothing , he is awful. Same for Doyle a truly dreadful player with little or no skill or flair or technique whatsoever . Obviously don't watch the blades very often . ---------- Post added 31-07-2013 at 19:37 ---------- I'm going to go for a 2-1 win in this win hopefully Taylor or Brandy can score , get the ball rolling early . UTB
  9. My team needs a gk but we are based in south sheffield so maybe a little too far for you pal .
  10. One of the worst attempts at humour I've ever seen .
  11. Was 9/11 ,7/7 ,the woolwich murder the Boston bombings etc etc nothing to do with Muslims then ? Is that what your claiming ?
  12. Couple of my scouse mates reckon this kids really good and are very surprised it wasn't a championship club he was loaned too . Must say I haven't been disappointed in any of David Weirs signings so far . UTB
  13. Agreed ! There chairman mr bet365 will be making thousands every minute of the day , and besides that they would have to make the whole day free to convince me to watch the awful football stoke have produced for years on end .
  14. I reckon Jordan Chapell's departure has allowed us to spend whatever wages he was on so I agree I ain't expecting anybody inspiring to sign .
  15. If we had a poll on here who has caused the problems in page hall/fir vale and 90% of people on here highlighted it as being immigrants , you would still argue and label them racists so whats the point .
  16. You start one thread in god knows how long and surprise surprise , it's slagging off the British public .
  17. I'd lay the blame with the morals of people like abu qatada .
  18. There's a link that says buy tickets on the link above . They are £26.50 each https://kiosk.iristickets.co.uk/k;jsessionid=D6825BCB388381182B7BDAAF80A39187.app01.lon0?option=2&action=options_list&state=ADDCHOICE&pageid=0 Here's the link
  19. Yet more Islamic scumbags banned , instead of banning all these groups , ban the lot !
  20. Or anything for that matter
  21. Me 2 ! He defiantly has potential and by all accounts put quite a shift in at your place , which is more than can be said for 50% of loan players . Btw gazza , who's got a bargepole ?
  22. Ok then so the two Woolwich killers then , where they not not dangerous lunatic Muslims acting in the name of Islam ? We're they not screaming Allah Akbar as they were cutting a mans head off in the street ? Are you now going to google me something that suggests Islam and percentage of its barbaric followers are not evil murders that seek to destroy anything they don't agree with ?
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