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  1. Jaynes Place Bawtry Rd Just off the A1 at blyth, breakfast to die for
  2. Hi I'm going pike fishing in the dam flask in a couple of weeks ,and was wondering if anyone had fished it recently and if so what's the best places. Last time I fished it was about 25 years ago.
  3. You can count me in Kev ---------- Post added 14-07-2016 at 21:55 ---------- Will ask my 2 brothers and son if they are interested
  4. No keepnets and a max size 10 hook ,not sure about rest of rules fishing dawn till dusk
  5. Hi I fished it just over a year ago but have since joined herries rd pond . Ecco pond is day ticket used to be about £3.50 and they also except annual members. There are plenty of silvers in there plus bream and carp .I know carp 20lb plus have been pulled, never had one that big myself but been smash a few times on pole .
  6. I must admit I used to enjoy the pub fishing matches and the banter before and after fishing it just doesn't seem to happen now days .
  7. Hi does anyone where I can get my rod repaired, as one of the rings.runners is damaged
  8. well I've finally got my permit Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply charliewag think I will be joining this year
  10. Hi Does anyone know how and when I can join herries road pond Thanks
  11. theres a caravan storage on station road at Chapeltown behind pets are pals I think Regards Kev
  12. no problem I will have to join next year
  13. are they still taking members there ?
  14. I've got some chicken fencing you're welcome to come and colect it I;m in s5 area
  15. Dam flask holds some big perch had a 3.5 lb out near boat house
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