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  1. Apparently most of the problems are coming from further afield than Westfield
  2. Stop it . The learned experts on here would sort it out immediately but we all know big business wont allow that
  3. Why type “Snipped “? Just leave the post alone
  4. Why not let my allegation be , so others can see it . What are you scared of ?
  5. Thank you for your ridiculous comment/ lie
  6. Rubbish. Just another lie to continue your agenda .
  7. Did the child really have a mask on ?
  8. I was talking about calling children abnormal. Do you think calling them that is ok ?
  9. A " young girl " who accepted a settlement of 500,000 dollars from a Billionaire . Wonder why ?
  10. The last question after many posts dodging it . Other questions are still unanswered . I know whats coming next
  11. You have been asked many questions politely but have not answered them , You will answer " what questions ? " And around we go again . If you dont want to / cannot answer questions , tell us , its more honest that way
  12. Still never replied to the abnormal children comment . Disgusting
  13. Scarsdale Hundred closed other night by Police at 9.00 pm . Apparently having trouble most nights
  14. I attacked the post , a spineless non answer of a post 👍
  15. Answering a question, would be civil. Just a suggestion .
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