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  1. Its one of those flimsy see through bras . Curiously why are you on nipple watch ?
  2. I would just like to say , I think Chris Bryant MP is a thoroughly nice and considerate bloke
  3. How do you know that I am not a corrupt liar, in it for a shilling ?
  4. Got to agree with you . Dont know who could take over at the moment
  5. Read that a few days ago . Looks like the council have backed down
  6. Oh thats good news , thanks Two aggressive posts in one night ,is that a record ?
  7. Nothing wrong with appreciating the female form . I try to be cross party on this subject but apart from Emily Thornberry I find Labour to be lacking
  8. I remember in 1997 listening to the gaffer of The Sun being questioned about swapping allegiances from the Tories to Labour . He basically said that Labour were going to win and his paper wanted to be linked with winners
  9. Why is everyone else to blame ? Are Labour blameless?
  10. Who pays for her to travel the world preaching ?
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