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  1. Ok , carry on teaching them whatever you want.
  2. But Angie Rayners apology is meaningful ?
  3. And the rest of my post ? I never questioned your parenting. Just wondered what you are teaching your kids , with your thoughts on this subject . Now to the rest of my post please
  4. No hard man here . Your feelings on coronavirus are strange . A global pandemic is nothing but worldwide governments trying to trick people for some unknown reason. Tell me what reason and why governments that hate each other would collude with each other?
  5. And you look after children . God bless them
  6. If Boris apologised for his comments , would you forgive him ?
  7. So why is it a worldwide problem , if all it takes to cure it is a "lemsip and a nap " ?
  8. Funnily enough a"lemsip and a nap " is not curing a problem that the World is suffering
  9. Hes put his foot in the real world , for nothing other than trying to further a tv career
  10. Settling down to watch it on Monday night , just as titles went went up glanced a N .... Holder . Spent the next hour waiting for the great Noddy to appear . . Not good or bad but set up for a second series
  11. Has Sir Starmer got the backbone to get rid of Angie (scum) Rayner?
  12. Angies background is unusual but she soon learned how to put her nose in the trough . See post 3268 . Ed balls is just trying to get a tv career
  13. My mam did exactly the same with her brother on their mam and dads grave
  14. Brought a smile to my face ,on a miserable evening . Thank you
  15. Why should The Guardian be applauding Corbyn ?. He was a shocking politician , against one of the worst PMs for years he failed . Maybe The Guardian knew this and kept their powder dry .
  16. “Individuals with wombs “ , surely that’s a woman. What is happening to this world ?😡
  17. When is Phil Butler coming back. ?The replacement show is cack
  18. How has a thread about the Rolling Stones ended up in an attack on our Royal family?😡
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