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  1. Oh great , now while you are in a forgiving mood , could you forgive me for being a Tory ? 😁
  2. M . If me laughing at that post offends you , I apologise . I found it funny but remember I grew up in a very non PC world . Not an excuse , just an explanation
  3. " let me repeat " No need to put that because you do
  4. Thats ok then . By the way , hes still working for his wages
  5. Stop digging , you have already proved what you are
  6. Hope he doesn’t need to go to Hospital
  7. Come on , spill the beans . Soz , got it now
  8. Not quibbling, just wondered why you had to exaggerate
  9. “Hawking it round the country “ . Is that true ?
  10. Are there any statues of great Labour Prime Ministers ?
  11. Got to say I am watching Sky news at the moment (shame on me ) with the irritating Kay Burley talking about the cost of living. It’s so one sided it’s shameful
  12. Says everything you need to know about Liverpool supporters
  13. Leave me out of it , you scoundrel 😁 but now im drawn in , you cant blame Paddy , he has poor eyesight from his actions as a youth . What else could explain his adoration of Her Paddy would be the dominant one 😂
  14. Im not much of a petrol head , whats a TVR ?
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