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  1. Oh great , back to normal . Carrying on from the music thing , a lot of artists /bands I like would probably be classed as socialists . I think I am conflicted
  2. You do realise, you called me pal , earlier . Any more of that and they will be talking about us 😍
  3. Yes , for all your bluster , I think deep down you are a good bloke
  4. Great song . You seem to have a good taste in music
  5. That last sentence is near the truth The Only chance they have
  6. Good old Julie Dore . She knew what was good for Sheffield , didnt she .
  7. Ah , the age old question . When is a party ,not a party ?
  8. You would like that , wouldn’t you
  9. Apparently most of the problems are coming from further afield than Westfield
  10. Stop it . The learned experts on here would sort it out immediately but we all know big business wont allow that
  11. Why type “Snipped “? Just leave the post alone
  12. Why not let my allegation be , so others can see it . What are you scared of ?
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