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  1. Can you get it on Sky ? , if so will have a look tomorrow . Thank you
  2. My ex girlfriend had a bit of Irish in her , thats why shes my ex
  3. What is the Loop .? I used to work for British Rail In Hope Valley , from Dore and Totley Tunnel to Cowburn Tunnel
  4. What is it ? How do you see it ?
  5. If being called silly upsets you then I am sorry and will remember this for the future
  6. Stop being silly . We all know thats not your point of view
  7. Post a right leaning view , then sit back and await the attacks and name calling
  8. Its because its made with cheese
  9. Its common sense but common sense and politics are strange bedfellows
  10. I usually agree with you and go along with your side of things but that post is just wrong
  11. This year I have never seen as many squirrels in my garden , we back onto massive woods . Now they are lovely to see but they are becoming bolder . All my strawberry patch gone ,even though netted , small cherry tree no cherries survived , lettuces gone , flower heads nipped off , they even ( somehow ) managed to destroy one of my pond plants . Buggers
  12. Whiney voiced X factor reject , Can you cancel him ,please ?
  13. More interesting to me , would be an answer to my question
  14. I dont want read a few hundred pages back . I asked you a question . Is it hard for you to answer ? Looks like that
  15. Great comment , hilarious really . It could also describe anyone in your beloved party
  16. Was he Prime Minister then ? Nowt wrong with backing a winner
  17. Yeah Anna , lets bring JC back , he has all the qualities
  18. Wow , whatever his hair looks like , he is always Prime Ministerial
  19. Can I ask you , why are you so frightened of getting the jab or wearing a mask ?
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