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  1. About the kindest way I could put it
  2. Sir Keir is having a shuffle. First one removed from the front bench , Cat Smith . I know what you are thinking, whooo ?
  3. Idiot. Think about the people that are ill not your stupid agenda
  4. Should have just put your friend on SSP or given her a Lemsip. She would have got better . Hope she gets better
  5. So you have found the cure . Put everyone on SSP , easy as that . Well done
  6. The three posts above are spot on . 👍
  7. Do they really ask them their political affiliation when they get the jab?
  8. Nadine 😍 would get more than a tap on the derriere from me
  9. The Friday payday bit brought back special memories for me . Every Friday teatime me and my brothers waiting for dad at bus stop knowing he would have bought us some spice ( spangles , smarties etc ) from Thrupenny bit in Pond St . Good days and great memories . Thanks
  10. No trams from town to Halfway . It’s not exactly Scandanavia is it
  11. Got to agree . He mastered the art of coolness ( if thats a real word )
  12. Yes , a cable tie is a well known deterrent for thieves
  13. Chances are she “lost” her passport and Id on her journey
  14. Or , they are fit young men who will say , now I am here I want my wife and kids to join me . And my Inlaws and my auntie Fanny
  15. Which airport has 50 million passengers ?
  16. Would be a luxury after living in the woods , in a tent , in the winter
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