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  1. I did repost the question , more than once I think but someone started acting dumb and playing silly games
  2. Not seen that thread . Will look for it later
  3. What has your postman’s parents dying of cancer got to do with Covid?
  4. So would I , that’s why I said it’s all there to see
  5. It’s all there for other posters to see
  6. He gave no answers only more questions. Please point out where I demanded a response.
  7. So daddy puts a link on and asks a question . I give an answer then ask him a question nicely. Then his little game begins, answering a question with a question, what post ? what link ? . I give him the post numbers , not enough for him , he wants a full quote . Then gets mardys on when he won’t / can’t answer. Now we have almost two pages of how bad done too he is and posters massaging his ego . The problem lays with him playing silly games.
  8. What an absolute idiot you are. Yes I called you an idiot , so you can moan about me being rude but I asked nicely before and because you are too afraid to answer , you resort to your usual silly games
  9. What are your thoughts on the link you put up in post 4212 ?
  10. I know you think you are a funny man but why would you put up a link , ask a question then refuse to answer questions regarding that link ?
  11. No we know you’re not , you just post links to stir things up , then ignore reasonable questions
  12. One question asked , two questions in reply. Just have a look please
  13. Any chance of an answer to post 4223 ?
  14. Only the posh ones had Formica tables
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