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  1. Watched this last night , not bad 6/10 but why are most of the action scenes in the dark ? Happens in a lot of films and spoils them
  2. Ha ha ha Loser 😂😂😂
  3. I think the public will turn against this woman
  4. Never mind Brown , wheres Starmer or Rayner commenting on this ? Brown has rightly embarrassed them
  5. The 69 is a well used route but the views are not nice and it passes too close to the sewage works
  6. Why not just ask him to put it in the correct thread ?
  7. The ref made the call , job done . You didnt seem to agree with that in your earlier post . Reason and deduce that
  8. Got loads to do in garden , got nowt done , pesky Grandkids 😀
  9. Remember a few years ago when your lot didnt pay the electric bill , sorry , your underground heating was broke and you missed a few games because of the frozen pitch ?do you think the matches should have been played then ?
  10. Not very often I agree with you but your second sentence spot on
  11. Some of the things I've read on here could have been written by Dick Emery . Lesbian women being called bigots because they wont have a sexual relationship with a woman who has got a penis
  12. Hecate , thanks but no thanks . As I said all this blows my mind
  13. I agree and please excuse my clumsy language but all this sort of thing blows my mind
  14. So essentially having the operation could be a cure for Homosexuality ?
  15. Before I go ,I wonder if someone could help me . I know of a man who is gay , he has now transtioned to a woman ( fully) . Is he now straight or gay ,as he still sleeps with a man even though he is a "woman" ? I actually asked my gay mate this and he couldnt answer ,saying it was too confusing
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