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  1. Me mam says Followed a muck cart thinking it was a funeral
  2. If they are classed as "babes " then god help the Labour party
  3. Name the "Blair Babes " , cos I dont remember any of them .
  4. Fully agree with all of that .
  5. Whats the difference between , a stew , a casserole , soup ?
  6. I cannot think of any Labour women that I would describe as "hot totty"
  7. Oh dear , even I am getting worried now . Bedtime for you now, I think .
  8. Just put the radio on for a few minutes . They were talking about the Labour conference and who did they have on ? The young messiah Owen Jones , talking about the old Messiah Jeremy Corbyn . I feel Labour are in for a messy time .
  9. Whether they are trolling or not , its for you to decide
  10. He will be trying to turn back time .
  11. Andy ( I love the camera ) Burnham would be as bad as Sir Starmer . As for the man with the kindly grandad persona , he is far from kindly , I reckon he has got a very dark side to him .
  12. Tut tut tut , putting a link to the Daily Mail , you will be in trouble now.
  13. I know what your getting at but I would like to hear from the lady .
  14. Yes and the principle was he dosent like Sir Starmers way of running the party , along with many of the left of Labour
  15. Andy McDonald now resigns from the shadow cabinet . These last few days have really put Labour on the front foot
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