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  1. I know what I meant 😉 Devonshire Green and I think they are lesser spotted greenbacks
  2. Just how big is your garage ? Is it really , a barn ?
  3. Thats for slugs . Go on , I know you want to 😁 Dip your bread
  4. Do you admire his acting abilities ?
  5. Would love to know how much the Beeb pay that wonderful actor Danny Dire for his acting in a soap and that great gameshow he grunts through ,
  6. Cheers , thought it would be that . Not the first time hes done that I get really worried about some people .
  7. I wonder , who would be the perfect man for the job
  8. Why did you put your original post on ? Got an idea but would like to know .
  9. Not bothered about the money. Every one of them held a memory for me , in fact I’ve still got a scar on my thigh from one .
  10. The vaccine campaign is work of genius from many quarters . Everyone concerned with it should be lauded
  11. Just watched News at Ten . Heartbreaking report on Afghanistan . Old Joe has got a lot of questions to answer
  12. No problem . I wasnt going to repost the question again because certain posters cant give a honest answer .
  13. Think they are round back having a fag. One of the few pubs in town ive never been in .
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