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  1. I was talking to an old family friend the other day , he said he does not get his news from the MSM because it cant be trusted , when I asked where he gets his news , he said Youtube . True story
  2. Where do you get your news from ?
  3. Stop bullying , man asked a honest question . If the house of commons dont need it , why do SCC ? Are they using covid as an excuse to limit the number of people that might question their actions ?
  4. Daft question but what is this ?
  5. Just to prove that you are a hypocrite
  6. "IF" it was that way round and I posted what you posted , what would your reply to me be ?
  7. Not that Mavis nutcase , Mavis off t Cross
  8. I thought it said Facebook Global Outrage
  9. The less we see ( literally ) of John Barrowman ,is a good thing , for me .
  10. I understand that but surely its just supply and demand
  11. My mate went to Australia because they needed good brickies back then . He was given a three year visa . When his visa ran out , he wanted to stay but was told ,we dont need brickies anymore , so he came home . Whats wrong with that ?
  12. What about Alan Carr ? He fits the bill .
  13. Of course its just a matter of time . No one stays PM forever
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