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  1. And she was a naturally beautiful lady
  2. Currently considering whether to apply or not . On the one hand it would be nice to get to know Eileen better , on the other hand I think there would be a clash between me and Mr Longprong , on who is the best member .
  3. One of the best singing voices ,ever .
  4. Who is lying , in your anecdotal tale ?
  5. Totally agree but why must it be a "thing" . Had a few pints with a gay friend tonight and he told me he only goes on Pride in many cities because its a good day out , nothing more
  6. What if the straight majority felt they were being bullied ?
  7. Well done . Now , who would be the Whitey penalty takers ?
  8. Because It wasn't fair , to make it fairer .
  9. Truth Obviously , you heard what you want to
  10. Stop it , its coming to the point of embarrassing yourself
  11. Its not the Councils fault they have clowns working there , its down to Tory cuts 😂😂😂
  12. So first its the Tories fault , then its a problem with procedures . What next , the weather ?
  13. Do the Council have no one capable of planning some cabins correctly ?
  14. There we go . Not our fault , move along nothing to see here
  15. Can take owt a Labour man throws at me . How’s Sir Kier doing ?
  16. What are your contributions to the City ? Apart for being a cheerleader for the council
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