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  1. ---------- Post added 31-10-2014 at 21:49 ---------- [/color]
  2. bit of emotional blackmail there and it would be interesting to see if he makes good that promise
  3. and the previous PCC was actively endorsed by blunkett and betts, this labour PCC was also actively endorsed by these clowns and we are supposed to believe its a non political position:loopy::loopy: sometimes I really despair
  4. if that's martin at main street motors , he has sadly passed away
  5. they phoned us today. I lied and told them we did not have a dyson, they immediately hung up . what gets me is how did they know we had a dyson and how did they get my phone number ?
  6. :suspect::suspect:how much money is Richard caborn investing in this and how will it benefit him :suspect: ---------- Post added 01-10-2014 at 23:49 ---------- fits whos purpose ? and why is the land so cheap and what do the council tax payers of Sheffield get from this deal ?
  7. truth hurts . I would bet most sheffielders would wonder ,why pull down a stadium and then build a new one on the same site .
  8. probably because its been done before and strangely enough on the same site
  9. is the former sports minister Richard Caborn involved with this ?
  10. most local people call it Crystal Leaks :hihi:
  11. is this the new building site behind the fire station ?
  12. how does that work ? please enlighten me
  13. why is it casual racism ,the poster described what happened . if you told your story about a white car salesman ,I would not be bothered about your description . I think you are colour blind
  14. a bit touchy there I think, the poster described what happened and you jumped in and tried to call them rascist
  15. police do not shoot legs or arms to disable people . if the police deem it necessary to shoot, they shoot at a persons chest
  16. there must be a lot of one eyed fish in that pond . when I was a lad we used to try and catch the legendary , Clarence the one eyed carp
  17. yes but that's in the city centre where posh offices are . this council do not give a toss what happens outside the inner ring road, where real people live
  18. my bin was emptied late .was told by a nice man from the council that it was took to graves park for storage
  19. most of those folk are star reporters or editors
  20. van or lorry are full of waste . shall we take it straightaway to the disposal area or should we save it and store it to be disposed of at a later date ? seems like common sense to me
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