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  1. Dont do it mate , just ignore the posts or anything directed at you
  2. You have already said on here you will not allow your "kids" to have the vaccination
  3. Whats Sir Alex Ferguson doing there ?
  4. Man arrested for helping a suspect . Apparently he did the same in another murder case a few years ago and got six months for it .
  5. How much were you charged for the test ?
  6. Been 3 times , first time ,fishcake butty gorgeous ,second time fishcake butty , had to throw breadcake away ,fishcake so so , third time fishcake butty ,all of it rancid .
  7. Point out where they concentrated on covid
  8. What do you think about anyone that would describe a woman as a “fat jewish bird “ . Be careful on that high horse
  9. Read it again, all of it , not just the Headline
  10. Learn something new every day . Never knew the lake had a brick lined bottom
  11. That sad story has very little to do with Covid
  12. A lady blm activist said on tv last night it was supposed to be a march to remember George Floyd. That’s forgot now , it’s all about the statue
  13. So you think it’s a charade , your kids think it’s a charade and your oldies think it’s a charade . Pretty tight group you’ve got growing there
  14. Dont worry ,you can tell us later when your backup arrives
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