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  1. Thats why they are called mobiles , silly .
  2. Wow , Ann Summers , kinky
  3. Seriously , thats part of my grounds
  4. Thats in the grounds of Hackey Manor
  5. Honestly believe Joshua is done with . Ive never seen a so called number 1 contender do as many adverts as Joshua does . Think hes getting the cash in before its Roy Orbison for him
  6. Is Sir Alex Ferguson on a tour of Sheffield ? And again 😀
  7. I have heard Google phone Chekhov if there’s anything they need to know Calling a child “abnormal “ . I think you need help
  8. Do you ever watch these programmes , have a prison sentence in your mind then end up shouting , " how ********* long " ?
  9. What was the film he was in with Tony Curtis , as escaped convicts ? Just remembered , The Defiant Ones . Cracking film
  10. Welcome to gods own county . Food waste goes in black bin , simple as that
  11. Go on then , I will ask , where do you get them from ?
  12. Not much happened on the day I was born 😢 , apart from an eighteen year old girl having the agony then the ecstasy
  13. Do you think Boris pinched his biscuits ?
  14. That last sentence sums everything up
  15. Who is talking about 2-3 year olds wearing a mask ? All the poor kids will know what?
  16. 1 Why not let them choose ? its a simple question
  17. Let them make their own decision on having the jab or not
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