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  1. Was going to post a similar one , Hitler or Stalin
  2. Got a new bandwagon to jump on and a new playmate
  3. Whether anyone agrees with her , is here nor there . What does Katie Price have to say , or Rylan
  4. Molly Mae Hague , come on M , you’re better than that .
  5. Think the large Lady is warming up her vocal chords .
  6. Not very flattering . Why have they got walnuts in their underneath pants ?
  7. I don’t think the inquiry will last two years and it won’t be expensive
  8. Angie doesn’t want an inquiry, no need for it . So what’s all the fuss ?
  9. You talk about personal attacks then go on to describe anyone who disagrees with you as “loonies “.
  10. I think I know who is better running the country
  11. To me it sounds like you are saying, I should know my place
  12. What’s working class got to do with it ? Are you saying the working class should only vote for other parties?
  13. Hes been likened to Oliver Cromwell on another thread
  14. I enjoy reading your posts , another one please .
  15. I have had the same complaint
  16. Did a lot of work with Sheffields finest son . R.I.P
  17. Might have been ropey but did a nice fishcake
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