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  1. Im off now but I have got to say you really are not helping yourself or your cause .
  2. Chiefs and Indians spring to mind .
  3. Not commented since last night . Off now before it gets nasty . Try to be nice lads and lasses
  4. An old bloke I knew from Aberdeen said exactly the same to me . Used to wind him up telling him to go back home and he just said , Ive lived in Sheffield a lot longer than you . God bless him .
  5. Cannot beat Northern humour , just remembered I was watching Youtube other night bits of The Big Yin . My good lady thought I was having a mental breakdown , laughing and crying at the same time . Naughty , naughty
  6. Love em when we win ,hate em when we lose .
  7. Where are you from ? This forum welcomes all sorts
  8. Wasnt meant to be funny but I like the way your brain works . By the way , its Hackey .
  9. 76 year old man arrested for sending death threat to Mp Chris Bryant . What is up with these people ? I thought we were supposed to grow old gracefully .
  10. Ok but there is nothing wrong with a bit of good natured humour . You seem to have a vested interest in this , are you trans ?
  11. Yes it was but no need to attack people for something you dont understand. Bit ironic really .
  12. Whats that got to do with armpits ? Its a reference to an old tv show
  13. Havent seen any comments about "grizzly armpits and adams apples"
  14. I know a gay man who transitioned and thats the truth. I also knew a straight man who did .
  15. " Anyone seen Padders ? "last time I saw him he was wandering about in Pond Street with a bunch of flowers "
  16. Total Recall (remake) . Dont know why I bothered cos ive never seen Colin Farrell in a good film , have you ? 3/10
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