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  1. We already know it’s costing more than originally planned
  2. No you haven’t . Not to worry , I take no comfort in knowing you cannot answer a simple question
  3. Not confused about anything. Are you that confused you cannot answer my first question?
  4. Where did I say that ? Do you understand how the opposition works ?
  5. Come on man , I get what you’re saying but trying to deflect from Labour because they’re not in Government is poor . Are they only relevant when they’re in power? Not a cult leader by the way
  6. Back on topic please . Your rantings have another place to go
  7. And where are Starmer and friends?
  8. Why change it ? Write a new one for the now Is that just for me 😀
  9. Daughters just told me they were supposed to be going to Gullivers Kingdom near Rother Valley, until they found out their two and a half year old son would be charged the same as an adult. Scandalous
  10. Ex Prime minister Gordon Brown and Unions are calling for immediate action on the cost of living crisis . Meanwhile somewhere in a faraway land , Keir Starmer , Angie Rayner , Rachael Reeves , etc , are silent . Browns embarrassed them all .
  11. Whats that got to do with what I posted and your usual slurs ?
  12. Its fine here mate , some of us are having a bit of fun , thats all Can't be in Castleton , I was sat near her in pub other night 😀
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