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  1. Well now we all know who to thank for helping us through all this
  2. My fear for the BBC is that it would go down the road of endless “celebrity “ programmes like ITV has .
  3. I like him but think he’s not leadership material. Penny Mordaunt would be a good leader
  4. Only what you put on here . Remember ?
  5. Not sure . So why did you not allow your grown up kids ( adults) to have the vaccine .
  6. Glad it made you happy. Made me happy to , that they weren’t needed
  7. Angie on Peston calling for a general election . Who was the last Labour Mp who did that and how did it end ?
  8. Hahaha . Why do you keep snipping posts that you don’t like ?
  9. Good , do that before condemning others
  10. On news tonight Labour members in area where he is now a “ Labour “ Mp , are not welcoming and happy with him
  11. Hot tip . That’s not what I was getting at . Look closer to home
  12. What is that link . ? Is it about denying adults the choice to have the vaccine ?
  13. Brazen on netflix . If you like watching Murder She Wrote on a quiet Sunday afternoon this is for you . Forget the mid titillation , it is a carbon copy . 1/10 and it gets that high score because my good lady wanted to watch it and we did . Never to be seen again
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