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  1. Wasn't closed down 3 weeks ago when we were in there. Has it closed since then?
  2. Come and have a drink and sing your favourite rock tunes to start your Monday night out!
  3. Last week saw the first Rockoke return to the nelson, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it immensely, however, I would love to see more of you coming down and having a sing and a few drinks! Check it out this Monday, make it happen!
  4. Yep, confirmed this morning, It's opening Mondays from after 5ish, starting Monday 9th Jan.
  5. So its almost here! 7.30 this Monday, 9th Jan Let's make it a good night, and come down for drinks and rockoke!
  6. Well I'm counting on it being a decent night! So let's hope everyone can come and enjoy themselves and hammer out some tunes ;-) I know I'll be doing a few at least.
  7. If you mean Andy, he said he'll come in, and please don't write people off before you've seen them.
  8. as for door staff, I wouldn't know about that side of things, as I've not encountered problems personally x
  9. They have a few decent songs each, but not really my cup of tea, sort of things I would listen to vary, Foo fighters, chilis, green day, blink 182, guns n roses, nirvana, free, black Sabbath, hawkwind, Volbeat, Metallica, drop kick Murphys, pearl jam, ugly kid Joe, reef, blur, arctic monkeys, rage against the machine, system of a down, bowling for soup, reel big fish etc etc etc (but I'm always up for extra education lol)
  10. I am, been DJing for about 17 years, into rock music, there will be no Kylie etc lol...
  11. The Nelson will be bringing back the Rock Karaoke on a monday night from 9th January. come and blast out your favourite rock anthems and have a few drinks!
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