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  1. This isn't a uncommon as it sounds.Certain authorities will offer 1 day course in exchange for points but it may have to be your first offence
  2. I would doubt that they flash towards you as this could leave the police opern to the accusation of causing an accident.I think it is more likely that they track your rate of progress towards them by a seiries of infa red "shots" then snap yer rear plate as you pass. Also, the one that is on the parkway is possibly parked illegally, clearway - no stopping except in auth. places ie layby's.Ther is also one that parks on the pavement just down from city rd cem. This my also be breaking the law by blocking the pavement and this is an urban clearway with no parking or unloading restrictions in place. phew!
  3. A mate of mine said he'd heard of a new "limit or limit night" starting up, any info anyone?
  4. can anybody give me advice on why i can't get either spybot or ad-aware to "fix" problems and such that they have found on scan?.Scan is completed OK but during fix process everything stops like something isn't allowing spy ware to be removed.
  5. Can anyone help me to sort this litle blighter?
  6. i'm ugly as sin but mi wife loves me and im not bad lookin in a skirt nice legs n'all:hihi:
  7. generally, if there are no signs in a built up area it's "30 unless told otherwise"
  8. I would be gratefull to anyone who can update me on this sad news:(
  9. what do you think the likelyhood of a completion of trial what with all the sensationalist media coverage?
  10. why go for easy women? never heard of a challenge? but if it's easy women you want shalesmoor area and they don't take visa or so i've heard:blush:
  11. jodie + jordan....... which is the one who sounds like some sarf landaner who needs her larynx lubricating:blush: ?
  12. i've heard a few stories recently about grief in the casbah both up + downstairs has anybody seen anything is this true or not?
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