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  1. WHOOPS SORRY NOT DANIEL STREET , ITS Hermitage street?? sheffield
  2. Hello there , i'm looking for information on John Watson he worked as a file forger (whatever that was) his son john and his wife mary lived on Tapton Hill Rd and they had a daughter called Edith 1886. IN 1878 JOHN WATSON THE FILE FORGER LIVED 14 BROOMHALL ST ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT THANK YOU ALL WHOOPS!! SORRY CAPS
  3. Hello there i know is'nt what you are talking about but does anybody know Mary Ann Marriott born 1848 she married john Watson in 1978 her marriage Certificate says she lived at Daniel hill street Sheffield and her father was Robert Marriott , i can seem to find Roberts wife ? to go further .. thanks for ya help rgards Mandy
  4. Last known address was stothart?? Road crookes
  5. Hello i wonder if anyone can help me find margaret bown and she has a sister called barbra one of them married a man called ray who worked as a driver for sheffield corporation buses and he was a sheffield wednesday supporter. Their father was called frank and mother was violet. Be grateful for any help thanks as my brother in law tony newby is trying to find them . Thank you
  6. hi just wanted to say thank you to all who helped me find wendy ... its been great to find her we are in contact lots now
  7. thank you for your help do you know his name ? you can pm it to me if you like ? thanks again
  8. i forgot to ask shell42 is shaw wendys married name or did her mum remarry do you know? i only know them as smith . thanks again anyway
  9. can i get a bus from peaks to woodhouse lane beighton or can i walk it which id sooner do if i can..? if not what bus would i get please?
  10. hiya shell, thank you so much for your reply that sounds very promising news, im not sure if she had brothers or not ..?? i only know about wendy and jean. thanks anyway your a star
  11. hello anyone know of wendy smith her mum jean was called edwards before she married. they lived on woodhouse lane ? thank you
  12. Hello all wonder if you can help me find where wendy smith is she lived on woodhouse lane beighton , she was born 1964 her mum was jean im not sure if she still lives there or not or if she married ? any help would be great thanks
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