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  1. Hi there, I'm in the process of creating a much-needed website pro-bono for a non-profit mosque in Sheffield, and there are a few Sheffield Telegraph articles from 1968/69 (which I believe for a short time around that point was calling the Morning Telegraph) relating to the mosque that I'd really be interested in getting hold of for this purpose. Does anyone know how I would go about getting hold of old Sheffield Telegraph articles? Digital copies are fine, I just need to be able to read the articles. I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you.
  2. Hey soad, have you used these printers before? If so, do you know if they'll allow me to provide the design myself and experiment with individual prints before printing the whole run out? Also do you know if the designs they use need to include a bleed or trim?
  3. Hi, will they allow me to provide the design myself and experiment with individual prints before printing the whole run out? Also do you know if the designs they use need to include a bleed or trim?
  4. Hi there I'm planning to get a run of about 500-1000 flyers done for a small side business that I'm trying to get off the ground. The flyers will be designed by myself, but as someone on a low income I need a printer who will do the job for a good price while keeping the finished prints good quality. It would also be a great help if the printer in question allowed me to do a few individual prints beforehand to get a grasp of the quality of the papers, the glossiness of the flyers, colour fidelity, etc. There are also a few things that I'd like clearing up, such as whether the design I provide will need to include bleed and what the standard size for flyers in the UK is (A5?). Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks
  5. The scenes in those videos aren't necessarily clips from movies. In fact, both of them are from TV shows. Specifically though, they're famous memes: here and here. To someone up to date with internet culture and therefore knowledgeable about memes, it's just a matter of being able to recall the right one for the moment, and I guarantee you that's what's going on here. There's no database - the creator thinks of a meme he knows of that would go perfectly here, finds the corresponding clip on YouTube, of which there are many, downloads the video and incorporates it into his clip (afaik there's no copyright infringement because of the shortness of the clip - I think under 30 seconds is legal). YouTube content creation is generally a young person's game for this reason.
  6. Live in Darnall and been hearing live music on the wind all day, coming from the direction of the Arena. Checked their website, and all it lists is a Cosplay Convention which I doubt would have such constant music. Anyone know who's playing?
  7. A user was giving away something in the Swaps/Giveaways forum that I wanted, and I messaged him asking whether he still had it and whether it was working (all as politely as could be). He replied saying he had it but that I had "no chance" at having it because, supposedly, I dared to ask whether it was working. He seemed to write me off from the first message, telling me repeated times since then to "leave it", and I'm started to suspect he has other reasons for not giving me the item. I have all the PMs saved, and they all show that I was as polite to him as I could possibly be. How can I report this behaviour to the admins so they'll actually take action against him?
  8. The quality would be too bad. The problem is that I need them to be decent quality for the testing, so can't trust poundshop quality, otherwise it's just another factor that could fail and I'd never know whether the disc is at fault or the stuff I'm testing. With good quality discs I can at least rule out the disc as a factor. ---------- Post added 26-04-2017 at 00:24 ---------- No-one at all?
  9. Hey there, Does anyone have any good condition blank DVDs going spare, or otherwise know where I can get hold of some really cheap? The problem is that I need to do some testing of each of the different types, so don't need volume so much as I need variety of formats, and this would cost way too much to buy new. The formats that I'm looking for are: - DVD-R - DVD+R - DVD-RW - DVD+RW - DVD-R DL/Dual Layer - DVD-RW DL/Dual Layer - DVD+RW DL/Dual Layer Even if you only have one or two of the formats, it'll still help. They need to be in relatively good condition, so no serious scratches, and good quality, so preferably a name brand like Verbatim, but other than that, I'll take whatever you've got and as many you can give. I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
  10. Would also like an answer to this.
  11. Day of the Lord? Pleaseee. Day of MOTD, more like. Lol.
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