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  1. Hooligans in Poland are minority among other football fans. There's not many of them but they are loud and aggresive and they obviously attract media attention as their behaviour is unacceptable . I'm Pole and I'm really sorry about this BBC document, it's very invidious and unfair to the rest of Poles and competiton organisers, especially few weeks before competition's start. BBC just showed a bunch of kids, stupid hooligans that have nothing to do with real football and mood on polish stadiums. They are just narrow-minded idiots looking for excuse to fight with each other. In Panorama they forgot to admit that police in Poland is very strict to such behaviours and any punch-up ends in arrest with special 24-hours courts. Most of those huligans are banned to entry any stadium in Poland. And it's gonna be plenty of police and army on the streets during the event so there's nothing to get excited about I was disgusted watching Panorama, both because of seeing this unacceptable behaviour and looking at such a propaganda. BBC showed some very small part of Polish society and put it the way like everyone out there are racist and antisemites. May just as well make document about EDL and show in other European countries as typical behaviour in England. This is ridiculous and very unfair to the rest of 'normal' people who are going to enjoy EURO and have a fun with football fans from around the world in friendly, kind atmosphere. But now most of people who never been in Poland and just watched 'Panorama" think that it's not worth to go there because you can be knocked about or killed on every step Sorry about my English, hope you plough through it
  2. Try some chromium suplements I've heard it helps get rid of appetite for sweets
  3. Why don't you just seal your loft ? Sqirrels aren't as small as mice and they don't gnaw holes, it's easy to get rid of them. There's no need to kill poor animals if you can just block acces to your home
  4. Yeah, sure. What else did you read in Daily Mail? Considering that most of Eastern Europeans earn less than British, often min. wage and that they must pay for rent, food, clothes, bills, taxes and everything as well as you they must send loads of money to their countries indeed :hihi: I'm Eastern European and I have many friends from my country here and - believe me or not - none of them sending money home, it's not worth it anymore. Maybe in 2006 but not now when GBP is so cheap.
  5. There is a big difference between "being elibigle to work in the UK" and "being british" so please pin it down. First option is well grounded and fair but second one seems to be illegal
  6. Can I use my Stagecoach weekly Sheffield bus Megarider (10.50) on 120 bus operated by First? It's not Optio Orange, it's Stagecoach megarider . I've heard few times that I can use it on any 120 bus, both Stagecoach and First, but today I was told by First 120 driver that my ticket is not valid I'm completly confused
  7. I tried to find out on barclays website but branch locator isn't working... And google didn't help me. But thanks for link , may be useful next time
  8. Does anybody know how long is Barclays branch on Pinstone open tomorrow?
  9. Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Europe with plenty of relicts, churches, monuments, beautiful architecture etc. One of the greatest polish universitiy is located in Krakow and this city is always full of students as well as tourist. It's very friendly and atmospheric place. Lots of sightseeing during the day and plenty of nice pubs and clubs to visit at night If you intend to stay in Krakow for couple of days you can also visit Zakopane, small but very lovely and characteristic town. Zakopane is heart of polish mountains and highlanders culture with lovely old-style wooden architecture, restaurants and folk music, really remarkable. Have a nice trip
  10. http://www.bornagainpagan.com/other/017-god-v-satan.jpg
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