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  1. when you say girl how old or was it a woman, sounds very unusual. if the border agency was not called cant have been an illegal
  2. in a nutshell nothing. ---------- Post added 11-06-2018 at 20:24 ---------- in a nutshell nothing
  3. BHRemovals

    Get out and start spending

    There are feral gangs roaming the streets already.
  4. BHRemovals

    Congratulations William + Kate. A New Baby Prince.

    when does it start getting benefits, benefits are being stopped for a third child, but not this 3rd child.
  5. BHRemovals

    Do You Need The BBC?

    Certainly don't need the BBC news I don't belive its independent anymore.
  6. I certainly buy into the Cambridge Analytica theories.
  7. the government have no plan on how to deal with 3 million European nationals living here.
  8. BHRemovals

    Has the bedroom tax failed?

    once again the whole system was poorly thought out.
  9. BHRemovals

    Killings in London

    they cpso's shpuldnt be classed as police coz they have no powers of arrest.
  10. the celtic language was systematically destroyed by the english
  11. BHRemovals

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    bush was just as dumb as trump
  12. if it's owt like xmas light switch an xfactor winner from 10 years
  13. BHRemovals

    Military action against assad.

    they could at least have waited for the OPCW reprt
  14. BHRemovals

    Supertram free travel

    maybe they are told to do this in case the person turns agressive
  15. the rolling stock needs updating to many carriages are actually bus carriages.

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