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    My outhouse in the back garden is built into a slope downhill and the last 5/6 bricks are damp presumably due to the slope. Wamting the damp sorted and Also the outhouse renovated so its useable. We are in high green. Thanks


  2. Bought a house and the kitchen units are abit shabby How much would it cost to put in new base units, worktop and draws/Plnth etc myself It’s s clrner unit approx 3 metres by 3 metres And would want 4 cupboards on top Has anyone done this how did it go? Just looking for a rough starting price obviously if I was to do this myself and then how much would I expect to pay a fitter Thanks
  3. R k Carpet cleaning very good just had our carpets done they had an offer on 2 for £55 there number is 07961735009!!
  4. Yes I'v Used them twice and there spot on once for Lino once for carpet. Be aware of u united carpets on Barnsley road false advertising at rip of prices they claim to be closing down every 6 months!
  5. No shef1985 gets his info from leftie newspapers. He's not in the real world so wouldn't speak to a tradesman who's actually witnessed it!!
  6. Most top politicians that want us to stay in Europe believe this for personal gain. Neil cinnock, Tony Blair etc have made hugh amounts of money from Europe. Most Politicians are generally wealthy and have have shares in businesses and are landowners so want cheap labour, high property prices so clearly it's in there interest to stay in Europe!!
  7. We'll compare it to his good friend dodgy dave who had hidden off sure bank accounts set up by his father.. Or the labour donour who had a construction company and mysteriesly got all the construction contracts in London (mafia style) and by the way advertised jobs for polish workers only!! Need I say more...
  8. And how do you think they will contribute?? maybe keep the benefits office going and keep them in jobs
  9. It's a hard call to make but he seems one of the very few honest politicians who's not in it to line his own pockets so I have faith in boris Johnson
  10. Why have my comments being deleted very democratic!!! Ok Lets portray mr Brendan coxs as a saints then who has not made a penny from his charity work he does it all for free:hihi:
  11. Jo cox and her her husband were both profiteering from charity hundreds of thousands of pounds per year to be precise!! Her husband was struck off a charity in 2015 save the children FACT!! Moderator please do not delete this we live in a democracy!!!
  12. Thanks for reply Danny iv pm'd you back let me know if you can help with this as not had a reply, not sure if you've got the pm. Cheers Rob
  13. Anyone know of any reputable financial advisors regarding mortgage advice? Particularly looking for someone who can help the self employed and can also point is in the direction of a good solicitor
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