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  1. Frazer1974 - hahaha thanks! I'm sure he'll turn up. Twitcher: Yeah, he's neutered and we've popped posters through the letterboxes in the area. Will make sure there are posters up for the school run tomorrow. We are on the route for 2 big schools, so lots of little eyes can be on the look out. Thanks for the suggestions - and give your foster kitty an extra stroke tonight.
  2. UPDATE: FOUND!!! Dexter is found thanks for your advice, kind words etc etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey everyone, wondering if anyone in S8 (around Upper Albert Road) has seen a black and white kitten? He's about 6 months old, ridiculously friendly and has one black toe on his left paw. (Kind of) answers to the name Dexter. He's not got a collar on and while we've got an appointment to get him chipped, haven't done it yet. Doh! He hasn't been seen since last night (Monday). If anyone's seen him, could you let me know? Would be really appreciative. thanks...
  3. thanks so much everyone - not sure google maps will help we have had some leads. A paperboy saw her at about 3 30 on our road with a lady with a kid holding on to her. Then also just got a PM from someone on here who was in Abbeymoor vets this afternoon and saw a guy bringing a dog in who matched her description. Hoping she is being spoiled somewhere and we will get her tomorrow morning. Thanks all...
  4. UPDATE: HOUND IS FOUND!!! through a tip on here - SheffieldForum rocks! thanks for the messages and the help. Help!! Lost my dog Tinker this afternoon about 3pm when she got out of the gate - we are on Upper Albert Road. Searching for her in the park at the moment but if anyone sees her, please catch her and call us - number on her collar tag. EDIT: Collar tag not on - fell off this morning GAH! OK. If anyone finds her pls call me on 07595150948 She is a black shaggy lurcher, with white socks and bib, about 6 months old. Very friendly and answers to the name Tinker. Reward for safe return!
  5. I live in Meersbrook and would have a field full of tubines next to my house in a heartbeat - so I am not just supporting this because it isn't in my backyard.
  6. Wind turbines are NOT noisy. There is no such thing as "intrasound" and wind turbines do not emit sounds in excess of 100Db - that is more like a jackhammer or jet plane. You can stand under a wind trubine operating at top speed and hold a perfectly normal conversation. Go see - seriously, they are quiet, efficient and to my mind, beautiful machines. You might not like them and you are perfectly entitled to your opinion. Spreading fear about the technology by lying about it is just ridiculous. Wind energy is also a hell of a lot more economic than nuclear. If we put even 1% of the billions we plow into the nuclear industry into energy efficieny and all types of renerwables we would slash our carbon emissions in no time. The british isles have 60% of Europe's wind capacity and I think putting up wind turbines to generate power from that amazing resource is a great idea. Sheffield is ideally placed to support a wind farm - we are an energy consuming city surrounded by windy hills. No brainer as far as I am concerned.
  7. I know it probably seemed like a really insensitive thing to do (it wasn't me, by the way) but if this was a murder, her photos might prove to be useful to the investigation? Lets hope that was her reason for doing it. Also, people react oddly to stressful situations, so she really might have thought she was helping. I hope you are doing ok. I also stopped to help, and I think I talked to you briefly. I wanted to say that I really felt for you being caught up in the situation and I hope you find a way to deal with it all. Just horrible.
  8. I stopped to see if I could help, must have been 2-3 mins after it had happened. Thought it was a kid that had been hit at first. There were alot of people milling about and one guy did look like he had been in a fight - bashed up eye and lip. I managed to flag down an ambulance that was passing and even though they had someone in the back, they stopped to help until the other ambulance arrived. As the guy was under the car, but I don't think they were able to do anything until the fire brigade got there. It really didn't look good. I just felt so useless. Does anyone know anything more about what happened? My thoughts go out to the family and friends of those involved...
  9. Wow - and you are calling the original poster a troll??? I understand that you and others want to let people know that Akitas are not necessarily dangerous dogs. I get that bad behaviour is more about the owner than the dog. But come on! the poster was raising a point about dogs being muzzled near playgrounds and I think it is a bit cr*ppy to start saying that her kid's "story" was "shakey". It may well have been - they were shaken up after all, having just seen a nasty dogfight!
  10. RE: nature programmes... It may have been an off-the-cuff comment but I don't think it is fair to dismiss the concern shown by the original poster for the fact that her kids got upset by this kind of violence in their local park. I think also we have to recognise that in a nature programme there is context provided to the animal's actions. It is interpreted for you - you get that the animal is feeding itself, or its offspring or protecting territory. Without a clear understanding of the context the fact of the violence can be very frightening for kids. Anyway, back to the original point, I think dogs should be on a lead and under control in areas where there are kids, and I also think they should be muzzled around playgrounds.
  11. Does anyone know what is happening to the old factory/warehouses on Valley Road in Meersbrook? They are in the process of being demolished, but I can't find any info about what will replace them - or if they are being converted into housing. Also, any idea what is going to replace the terraced houses that have recently been knocked down on Chesterfield Rd?
  12. Hi All, We moved to Meersbrook early this year, and I am now looking at the primary schools nearby (we have to start getting a*ses into gear for my 3 year old's education.) Anyone got kids going to either Carfield or Meersbrook Bank? Have read Ofsed reports, but the MB one is from 1998 (lots can change...) What are your thoughts on the school? Is your child happy there? Are you happy with the school? any help would be much appreciated.
  13. Just so you know, I used to work for a wind energy development company (doing PR) about 5 years ago. Not the ones who are proposing this scheme, but it is an issue very close my heart. Still captures my youthful idealism now that I am a big sell out. in the spirit of full declaration of interests etc etc
  14. sorry, don't know how to quote from previous posts... No-one is saying that you wouldn't need other sources of energy. However, the system is set up so that every unit of energy you produce using wind is a unit you don't have to get from more polluting sources. You CAN moderate the amount of fuel you burn to produce power in conventional power stations, and they do this all the time. Wind energy has been proven to integrate with other electricty generating sources up to about 20% of capacity. The grid has this flexibilty in it to make sure that it can cope with the big surges (people putting the kettles during Corrie commercial breaks), and if a power station goes down for some reason. So the grid can take up to 20% power from intermittent sources, like wind, without messing with continutiy of supply. cgksheff, wind energy in the UK is about the same price as new build gas powered stations, and far far cheaper than the full costs of nuclear. If renewables got even 1/10th of the subsidies and grants and handouts that the nuclear industry gets, the UK would be a world leader in one of the fastest growing energy industries in the world.
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